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By Anonymous
damn giant ****ed up my coop
By Anonymous
pvp is for low iqs. this system is fine
By Anonymous
Oooooh! Can you taste the nerd tears over that one? XD
By Anonymous
If your IQ wasn't in the negatives, you'd figure out that you can play in offline mode if you don't want to PvP. lol
By Anonymous
Easy soul memory fix that fromsoft's lazy *** didn't apply for some reason:
make it so that soul memory increases when you SPEND souls, not GAIN them.
By Anonymous
That is almost DS3, almost anyway. It measures your soul level and overall equipment level. They were attempting to prevent people staying at a certain level to dunk on newbies with Soul Memory and inadvertently created a scenario where that is exactly what happens in every aspect.
By Anonymous
Most players: this system is so terrible! my matchmaking is fckd, i can't summon dudes to defend me or invade with all the advantages possible!

Me, with over 75 millions of souls: MY HUNGER IS INSATIABLE
By Anonymous
Now I see why this community likes this game the least on average. I came here looking for the meta range. What a dumb system.. Real gamers wanna make their ideal build and put themselves against other players, not NPC they learn to predict. Twinks are dumb I agree but the trade off is nowhere near worth it, just a bad idea.. Every other aspect is ok imo. Sad, the pvp is more than half of why the communities last. Glad this didn't last. You can't really have a meta like this. Enjoying the game regardless, loving my playthroughs.
By Anonymous
Op here, ik the co op is just as wonky which I can talk on too.. Just throwing that in there
By Anonymous
It's pronounced "irregardless"
By Anonymous
"Regardless" is correct. Go back to school.
By Anonymous
"Sad, the pvp is more than half of why the communities last." Come back when you have a better outlook, sad.
By Anonymous
What a trash sistem
By Anonymous
ieah the sistem reali sucks mi dude iou couldnt be righter mi dude
By Anonymous
iou couldnt be righter mi dude the sistem realli sucks mi fryend
By Anonymous
Since there's no uncracked eye orbs in ds2, the only ways to maintain low and mid level invasion scene is to use agape ring, and periodically farm mobs for the orbs (can't buy them since you cant get souls), or cheat them in. This means only the most dedicated players will bother at all and it kills any sense of normalcy throughout the playtime.

It also doesn't solve twinking problem, it distills twinks to the best and most dedicated players. They'll get to agape ring deathless and pump all their points into levels; you'll get some cool armours and die a few times. Suddenly they're the same soul memory as you, but while you're SL 40, they're SL 80.

Blue covenant is dead. Red invaders are very rare. Dried finger + Delicate String playthroughs are moot. Consumables are extremely limited. Coop grants no souls, or you go up in brackets. Want to test a different weapon and upgrade it - you go up in brackets. Want to stay at SL 150 without wearing agape ring? Eventually you'll end up playing with and against SL 250+, you'll feel bad. Want to get Outcry so you can cast one cool spell per rest? That's two levels you just lost if you're around SL 120; that other guy leveled up and got stronger instead. It's miniscule with 2 levels, but it all adds up to one trainwreck of a system.

It's a shame, because DS2 is the best souls game to coop due to it's enemy placement and sheer amount of *******, and would be most fun to invade and Delicate String + Dried Finger run, due to the variety of zones.
By Anonymous
I mean it's been years since it's release and there's also been 2 games released in the series (or format I suppose) in the form of Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne. I do think DS3 has a better system for it but man you really can't judge it by how it works 6 years later.
By Anonymous
" I do think DS3 has a better system for it but man you really can't judge it by how it works 6 years later."

I dont understand what this has do with anything. I am kind of new to Dark Souls and started with DS2 (had DS1 back on PS3 but couldnt make it work for me^^.) I think I do quite good for my first playthrough, but a lot of people are still playing this game and they do have 500 - infinite hours...
By Anonymous
Its a good idea on paper, but too much stuff gets in the way of it working to prevent gank, ppl having high weapon etc.
Consumables arrows and all the stuff you buy but dont use and the the souls lost to dying punish you very hard
Being forced to level character as much as possible and the need to be carefull of weapon selection and upgrading because if the guy that invades has put everything into a dedicated build and didnt wasted anything will destroy anyone who dies and plays around too much with gear at same/similar soul memory
there is no perfect solution for pvp and for pve its way worse especially when you help as a phantom alot
By Anonymous
and most people die here and there and loose like 20k souls which adds up quickly. + "Pros" who dont loose any souls are already better than the above casual guy, another problem if you ask me. I mean its kind of fair but not great...
By Anonymous
Let's be honest here... you only hate soul memory because it doesn't let you gank anymore.

You coward f*cks
By Anonymous
I'm on my first playthrough of DS2 and taking my time to explore each of the playstyles. Since my stats are relatively spread out, invaders with dedicated builds kick my **** in because I can't really make a mistake fighting them in the same way they can with me. Soul memory actively enables experienced players (usually invaders) to funnel their souls into specific stats and equipment at the detriment of players exploring the game mechanics on earlier playthroughs.

I think an SL/Equipment level formula would be better. White phantoms can be summoned with SL range, whereas invading phantoms must be similar to the player in SL and Equipment Level. DSR does this decently well. In my first playthrough of DSR the only invaders I had trouble with were dark beads abusers---which is just the problem of an overpowered spell.
By Anonymous
I am also on my first playthrough and also taking my time... but that soul memory thing seems ok to me.
I died i few times, i killed a few times, my stats are all over the place because i am still discovering what i want and what can i do in the game...
Currently i am about level 80, but not even at half game, taking my time, i figured that i can use terrain to my advantage when invaded even if opposing player seems stronger, i can use firebombs or throwing daggers.. etc.. so even if i die at least fight is fun and feels somewhat balanced.
If it prevents total and instant destruction of one player from the hands of the other it is good in my opinion...

I mean in some other games where there is skill and level progression and pvp the most frustrating thing is not dying and losing a fight but losing a fight in such a way that there is no fighting or playing the game on your part...
By Anonymous
No? It makes the game unfair unless you start a fresh character, use every soul on levels and one weapon upgrade, and do not progress past a certain point. If you buy any consumables or farm to upgrade multiple weapons you will be placed against people that are 200 levels above you. Sl should be the only measurement in souls mp.
By Anonymous
No it's because you get unfairly matched. Imagine you lose all your souls but you're always matched with someone who spent the equivalent amount leveling their character. You could be low level matched with high levels all the time. On top of that's it's so difficult just to find a game. This is not about ganks.
By Anonymous
This might be crap, but at least we don't have to fight people with end-game content at lvl 10 *cough* dark souls 3 *cough*
By Anonymous
I thought DS3 was a better system but that is a good point. DS3 is better for people who wanna just chill and co-op and this seems better before people trying to take it competitively.
By Anonymous
But that is exactly what happens. Players can run past most creatures or use the agape ring and gather what they need for specific builds before coming back and destroying lowbies. I did this and invaded at level 120 and ran into several level 40-50's. When I was a newbie and didn't know about SM I ran across players level 300+ while I stayed at level 150. I could still take them but because I wasn't progressing I was under half their level. If anything this system rewards better players who die less and gives them easier opponents with weaker gear and lower levels. It is a horrendous system, especially when compared to DS3, atleast the person has to try in order to Twink, DS2 will just auto twink good players to send them up against lower skill brackets and also DS3 atleast will be balanced as far as levels and equipment go where as in DS2 it was even further out of whack.
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