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By Anonymous
I was able to summon Alfred (with Old Hunter Bell) for this fight, the only other bosses I beat were Paarl, Blood Starved Beast (with Alfred summoned) and Gascoigne. His summon sign was in near the door into the dark house from the shortcut left of the Central Yharnam lamp. Dunno why he is available when you can also summon Gascoigne and the NPC is much further than the boss, might (HARD might) be lore significant.
By Anonymous
He/she is extremely weak to fire so use molotovs when hes low.
By Anonymous
this little **** is harder than guacamole due to how ****ing annoying his tacks are
By Anonymous
Good first tutorial boss has a easy to learn moveset. Gives a good idea of what is ahead in the game. Has a good theme to listen to when fighting it. 10 out of 10 starter boss :)
By Anonymous
this boss's moveset is garbage he only has like 3 attacks
By Anonymous
Too bad it never shows up again in Bloodborne: the Old Hunters DLC ($19.99 USD)
By Anonymous
This thing just neighed like a horse O_o
By Anonymous
Coomer Beast
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