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By Anonymous
So I pussied out and didn't take on Lud and Zallen solo, meh. I took Vengarl with me. Reindeers are mini-bosses, for sure. You can pancake them with a Great Club and a Stone Ring, but if it RNGs such as they do a backstep and ram you again - game over. It is fine to use a shield against them, but they are overall very nimble, have powerful attacks, and also fly ("THEY FLY NOW?"). You can protect yourself somehow, even when rolling with 100+ agility is finicky, but punishing in return is hard.

Lud and Zallen on the other hand are two rehashed bosses that we've already fought. It takes a few tries to get the timing right to roll. I always get caught by slower, charged attacks.

I was infuriated at first, but after all, it just takes time to learn. Learn the boss, that is. Flying reindeers are indeed a mystery to me. I mean, if you stagger the hell out of them, it is easy, but my condolences to smaller weapon users.

Good luck.
By Anonymous
To be honest, Reindeer ****-Land isn't THAT bad in my opinion. It's Lud and Zallen, on the other hand, that makes me want to no longer exist. Hardest boss in the entire series.
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By Conde_Nado
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Seriously? lud and zallen were a very easy boss for me, the first time i was with Feeva and i felt sorry for the boss so i restarted the fight without npcs, i had Alva set, flower shield, and a strange halberd that looks like a spring
By Anonymous
A barren and extremely dangerous land, literally an icy hell where (I’m assuming) criminals and outcasts are thrown away to be killed by hostile creatures ... the bonfire name “expulsion chamber” being the finishing touch for me. This is a genuinely amazing and terrifying concept for an RPG game but it just wasn’t handled quite right in the gameplay, shame.
By Anonymous
In theory, really cool. In practice... some of the worst level design in the series
By Anonymous
Worst area, worst boss, worst game.
This place exemplifies what Dark Souls 2 stands for - not difficulty, tediousness. The reindeers on their own aren't difficult - they're annoying because you're rushing to the boss and can't see anything. The tigers on their own are terribly easy, at least Aava was - they're annoying because fast multi enemies don't work well at DS1-DS2 speed and you can die due to particularly bad timing getting comboed by two tigers at once, not to mention the camera going crazy when they jump. All of this is compounded by an incredibly long boss run.
Fume Knight is arguably more difficult but much, much more fun to fight. He's so good in fact he kinda feels out of place in DS2 aka bad boss galore.
By Anonymous
You're so ****ing stupid holy hell. i bet you have never even played the game
By Anonymous
Isnt this Demon Souls Cut Content ?
By Anonymous
That's the same as saying the painted world dlc in DS3 was cut content from the first game, the sixth archstone was going to be a snowy place like Frigid Outskirts here but that doesn't mean it's the same thing and either way it would've been atleast 10 times better because this place is actual ****
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By Pdan4
On SOFTS. I find that if you (and your allies) stop moving during a blizzard, it seems to stop the reindeer from spawning. Not sure if I just got lucky, but it's worth a try for anyone having a hard time.

On a separate note, with a +4 Defender's Shield (lightning) and a +10 Greatsword with 45 Str and 40 Vit, I didn't find this area hard at all. I was kind of disappointed because it was so hyped as being atrocious. But overall, the arctic expedition with Feeva, O'Harrah, and Vengarl, was fun.
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By Pdan4
Oops, I mean 40 Vig (but also 40 Vit). Wish we could edit posts. In addition, had the +2 Steel Protection ring.
By Anonymous
the four stages of cancer

1 Iron Passage
2 Black Gulch
3 Shrine of Amana
4 Frigid Outskirts
By Anonymous
I personally would have Shrine of Amana second and Frigid Outskirts third in the cancer stages.
By Anonymous
I personally wouldn't have Shrine of Amana at all in that list but yeah
By Anonymous
God damn. This place is hell. I’ve beaten the game like 20 times, one of them with consumable only and it still takes me 10’s of attempts just to get to Zallen and Lud… ******* boss and area
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Anyone know how to ng plus this place? killed the last reindeer, have no interest in the boss, but it's a good place for dragon bone
By Anonymous
Use the champions pact
By Anonymous
I’ve always wanted to see this area without the snowstorm because it’s so vast and now that I have I can see how this could ha been a great area to explore but it was ruined by design choices made just to frustrate players.
By Anonymous
Someone call Zullie
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