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By Anonymous
I love how he sounds like siegward the first time u see him in the ringed city, since he stole his identity in the main story, thats the little details that make u love the game.
By Anonymous
Wow this quest made me sad. In the Dreg Heap when he was toasting Siegbrau and talking in that cheery manner I really thought he was Siegmeyer, somehow surviving until the end of the world.

Instead, Siegmeyer is probably long dead, and "Lapp" is actually that annoying lil **** who has been around since the first Linking.

There is also more to Lapp's quest than you think. The personalities of "Lapp" and "Patches" are parallels to the dark soul, the repressed true identity of humanity, and the white soul, the fake identity, taken by humans after Gwyn's terrible treachery. Who is the real Patches? The ******* who likes to kick people off things, or the warm and friendly knight ?

BACKGROUND LORE IF YOU'RE CONFUSED: In the Age of Fire, Gwyn sealed the dark soul of the pygmy (who was our ancestor) and trapped it within the Darksign. While their true humanities were left starving and neglected behind the darksign, humans held onto the white souls they found scattered around the land as their own identity. This is why humans go hollow as the fire weakens, because the fire of the Darksign fades, letting their humanity out, which after being starved for a lifetime begins to devour the fake soul, which has all their memories.

Long story short, Gwyn was a nerd who ****ed over an entire species and consequentially the world itself because he was, quite literally, scared of the dark.
By Anonymous
I think Lapp is Patches after he loses his memories from the curse, seems an awful lot like it
By Anonymous
Congratulations Sherlock, you solved the case. What's next, you're going to uncover that Firelink Shrine is a shrine for those who want to Link the Fire ? Or that Aldrich is called Devourer of the Gods because he devoured a god ?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Is this the same bastard from DS1? Using the same trick and everything.
By Anonymous
Heck same bastard from Demon's souls =D
By Anonymous
and bloodborne
By Anonymous
and ds3 :)
By Anonymous
seeing as undead are immortal in a way, he probably is the same one
By MercxHaze
lapp comes back in the dreg heap even after you killed him because hes hollowed. just like how you hollow when you die. and just like say, lucatiel from ds2, his memories faded until her reversed his hollowing at the monument
By Anonymous
Me on first encounter: hmmm.. He sounds like someone..

Him on second encounter: There's some treasure... Me: oh gdi...
By Anonymous
I like the way you wrote this without revealing the twist where Lapp is actually the skeleton ball crab from the catacombs of carthus.
By Jamestheboiiii
I killed him in dreg heap and he dropped champions bones
By Anonymous
what a nice guy!
I hope he doesn't push me down any ledges
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