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By Anonymous
The more you play it the less you like it. Just a tedious grind for glowing fragments, with badly stacked rng.
By Anonymous
The Ring of Flawless Beauty is actually obtained at 250 items obtained, not 100.
By Anonymous
Survival mode absolutely sucks! It looms like it can only be done by a handful of players, lose all your progress when you die, hence not making any kind of progress at all. Hours of playtime for nothing. I tried it a couple of times and honestly dont see the point of it. Waste of time. Rather the other modes as they are brilliant.
By Anonymous
Its called rouge like gamemode plus u can buy skins and some decent rings, amulets
By Anonymous
Your right it absolutely sucks ya. Even I tried doing that but I completely fail a lot of times.
By Anonymous
Just in case nobody else has gotten to it yet, these are my findings:

-There are 20 total traits in Survival, 16 are acquired through Mysterious Tomes, 4 have specific upgrade tomes that are found in the Upgrade Shop between rounds
-As far as I'm aware, Mysterious Tomes will never provide Revivalist, Catalyst, Invoker, or Teamwork due to how niche their bonuses are, hence their unique tomes
-Each trait has 20 total ranks in survival, same as normal gameplay, however most traits are buffed in what each rank does
-Not every trait buffed for survival is buffed by the same amount/percent (ex. Triage is +100% effectiveness, while World Walker is merely +50%, and neither compare to Bark Skin's +1,900% effectiveness)
-In Survival, due to the lack of ability to upgrade armor, the overwhelming majority of armor comes from the Bark Skin trait. Likewise, due to this relationship, max armor values in Survival are usually approximately 40% of their values in regular gameplay.
-Because of the buffs to Triage (+100% effectiveness) and Siphoner (+50% effectiveness), a player with exceptional luck can become capable of sustaining through any damage that doesn't exceed the healing provided by 108% ranged lifesteal
-To fully max all 16 traits acquired through Mysterious Tomes by way of loot drops, a player would need to pick up 320 of them in total. Alternatively, to max them through purchase, a player would need to spend approximately 5.26million Scrap, exclusively on Mysterious Tomes, assuming my math is correct
-From what I gather, any items that can only be acquired from bosses continue to function as such in Survival, making builds dependent on boss items less viable due to the RNG involved in putting it together (ex. it becomes less viable to put together a build centered around Ruin when the implication becomes hoping you get like, Keith, or whatever the Undying King's name actually was)

This information is probably available elsewhere, and I'm not coming forth with anything new, I get that. I just wanted to leave what I've found someplace where someone can find it.
By Anonymous
Same Anon as above, sorry for double-post. Just had to clarify, didn't realize that you can still buy Mysterious Tomes that provide a trait that you already have maxed. In which case, the Mysterious Tome will provide 125 Scrap instead. Due to the nature of the Mysterious Tomes ramping in cost, this means that, eventually, the player will reach a point where the 125 refund comes nowhere close to the cost of buying the tome in the fist place. Because of this, the total Scrap required to max all traits can potentially vary wildly in price between the above estimated 5.26million brought about by no repeats, or a potentially much higher number because of bad luck and many repeat Tomes
By Anonymous
Good info, much appreciated.
I'll add that items from bosses that don't appear in Survival(Repulsor, Iron Sentinel, etc) are found in the shop, with the weapons being pricier than average for their attached mods. Maybe they can be looted as well, but I don't think I've seen them in the wild. Ruin in particular is, understandably, much more expensive than any other weapon that I've seen.
By Anonymous
Which traits are available in survival?
By Anonymous
i do believe most traits are there.
By Anonymous
Можно ли получить в режиме выживания, предметы из героического режима?

Can I get Heroic items in Survival Mode?
By Anonymous
anyone know if claviger is in this mode? i only seem to get harrow on world boss rhom.
By Anonymous
yes Claviger is in this mode
By Anonymous
What happens if you die in survival mode on a hardcore character?
By Anonymous
You start with a completely new character that doesnt affect the characters you are using on adventure and campaign
By Anonymous
You die in real life.