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By Anonymous
Roll spammers worst nightmare, some of their salty tears in comments below.
By Anonymous
Cancer weapon 2021
By Anonymous
Swing, batta batta batta, SWING!
By Anonymous
This is strength version of the LKS and in fact it might be even better because nobody expects to be roll caught and stunlocked to death by a tiny bonk stick.
By GreySkale45
This thing seems nice for SL1 runs, with the strike damage and bleed build-up. You'd have to two-hand it without the Knight Ring, but I could see myself using it with the Grass Crest Shield on my back. The fact you can get both right after Vordt is icing.
By Anonymous
This is actually a hard counter to the PKCS. If you play like them by staying aggressive you’ll simply poise through their attacks and throw them off completely. Kind of cool to think that such a standard weapon can hold it’s own and contend with the most infamous meta weapon out there.
By Anonymous
Most meta weapons have hard counters, it's just for some reason people used to stick to a single weapon loadout in PvP for a couple of years so an LKS or a PKCS could ruin your day, nowadays not so much.
By officegossip
This little thing is a f u c k i n g monster. I loved it so much I spent a slab on it.

Great side arm and has surprisingly good stagger on a lot of enemies even into end game.
By Anonymous
You liked the normal bonk, well, get ready for the spiked bonk!

Side effects may include: death, bloodlust, addiction to killing skeletons, barbaric war cries, and being charged with first-degree murder. We are not liable for an prison sentences due to use of the spiked bonk. Redistribution of the spiked bonk is prohibited in some states and countries, please check before open-carrying the spiked bonk in public settings.
By Anonymous