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By Anonymous
One of my preferred PvP weapons on a quality build. Used the WA to dominate a 3v1 gank at once (greatclub, exile curved sword and friede's sythe) Tanked all their attacks at once and got a kill before I bailed.
By Anonymous
This thing hits like a truck. Too bad it's significantly shorter than Gael's.
By Anonymous
POV: you have a quality build
By Anonymous
If you’ve fought D PLAYERSLAYER in PVP that guy uses this thing like it’s the best weapon in the game
By Anonymous
Beat weapon in the game hands down pair this with heavy armor decent health high stability shield you become a diamond cannon on high level builds
By Anonymous
I found this weapon's moveset very effective against Darkeater Midir, the running R1 is a horizontal swing which makes it easier to hit his snout during the openings.
By Anonymous
Artorias' Sword does more damage to Midir and has more range
By Anonymous
You know you’re fighting a trash gank squad if two or more of them need this sword. That doesn’t mean they always win though.
By Anonymous
“Need” lol. Sounds like someone has been getting trolled.
By Anonymous
The black knight glaive has C dex and D str and the black knight SWORD has C str and D dex (couldn't they just balance it out!!!)
By Anonymous
Very nice weapon against the Demon Prince. Even when used with minimum stats.
By Anonymous
Visions of poise
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