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By Loucetios
Ending C and E don't show up on my files.
After beating 9S with A2 it said I got ending "C" and after beating the bullet-hell game I got ending "E".
Now I tried both ways. Helping someone and delete my data and not helping someone and keep my data.
But no matter what I do...the endings won't show up in my savings.
By Anonymous
Ending D is picking 9S when you need to pick between the two before they fight.
By Anonymous
To get ending D(or C if you did D first) you need to pick the other character 9s for D, a2 for C and when the credits are rolling make sure to refuse the pod's request. accepting the request starts the path for ending E
By Anonymous
So i discover one additional ending with some strange symbol marked in save file, it can be obtained after complete all basic fight in three arena.
By Anonymous
Its not an ending its a symbol for doing all DLC content
By Anonymous
is this all there is???
By Anonymous
Hello, got a quick question, i am on my first playthrough of the game and when i save it says ending:H, which brought me here in the first place....anyhow in ending A it says that you just have to play through the game, does that mean you can get the rest of the endings after the your first playthough or you get two at the same time? something like A plus H
By Anonymous
I'll try to explain. You got ending H by running away from the city when the giant boss machine showed up in the city.
When you beat your first playthrough you will get ending A. It will then say A H on your save file.
The ones that aren't A, B, C, D, or E are optional. They are 'bad ends' and you can get them in certain parts of the game.
If you miss them you'll eventually be able to go back and get them later.
By Anonymous
You probably just got ending H inadvertently. Ending A is the result of finishing “route a”. Most of the time, (the only time i can think of right now is the virus part on route b) when you are playing as 2B instead of as 9S or as A2, you’re following route A. Many of the endings are achieved through route A, so in theory you could get any amount of them (the ones that can be acquired through route A) before you even get ending A.
By Anonymous
There should be an ending where you leave pascal while there upset about the death of the children
By Anonymous
There is, just leave the factory.
By Anonymous
There isn't an ending if you do that, Pascal just disappears.
By Anonymous
It isnt an ending. There is dialogue, but it doesnt have severing consequences
By Anonymous
Wow that many endings. Insanely deep game by the looks of it.
By Anonymous
This is one of the best RPGs I've played in… maybe forever
By Anonymous
That's only laziness on the developer's part, trying to shock you by offering many "choices". In reality there are only 3 endings and you can see them all in 20 minutes or so when you beat the game the first time. Really bad game design here on top of a cliche sci-fi story.
By Anonymous
Deepest game ever, that other guy is on crack.
By Anonymous
laziness on the developer's part he says
bad game design he says
cliche sci-fi story he says

pity you
By Anonymous
There are 4 to 5 endings you get by just playing the game and additional fun endings by making fatal decisions.
By Anonymous
Why has no one discussed the 27th ending
By Anonymous
You mean the ending with the illuminati symbol? It's sure is still missing here lol.
By Anonymous
Just got that one for doing the robot missions in the Amusement Park
By Anonymous
Can you use auto chips for the minigame in ending E?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
If you want to finish it offline you will have to cheat because the game isn't made to let you win offline. You'll have to set you hp to sth like 10 000 or 100 000 then here you go :)
By Anonymous
The dude below has to git gud, bc it sure is extremely difficult, but you don't have to cheat to beat it
By Anonymous
For Ending W Alternatively Way to get it - If you missed the lazer and missed to take off your healing and defence Chip In case you forgot to unequip any healing/defense chips before the mission and still have it on (like lvl 40 or higher) Just take damange of the Flying manchine that shot at you, you will die afther some it depench what level you are (im lvl 86 or something and i need take 5 or something to die, i still have my healing and defenech itame on and completly forgot take them offf but then deside to let me get hit by the machine and die afther all so i got the ending W)
By Anonymous
Or Just die in the sky when you fly with your machine