Comments made to our Salt & Sanctuary Wiki
By Lux_the_Lost
Hate this overdressed little spaz. The fireballs and lightning are easy enough to deal with, but between the slimes and the fumes from spawning said Slimes poison overload is a CONSTANT threat.
Never mind that he LOVES to jump around like he's a happy kangaroo and spam flying scythes like he was taking lessons from Castlevania's Death. In phase two those things become just about unavoidable - it doesn't matter HOW hard you try, 90% of the time he'll spawn multiple scythe clouds in such a way where they WILL hit you no matter where you are or try to dodge to.
I'm no stranger to maddening bosses, but this spastic gremlin is maddening in all the wrong ways.
By Anonymous
I didn’t mind the poor design of this guy too, but then I fought him in NG+4/+5. When his slimes are tankier than the final boss and one scythe almost instakills you, unless you’re using GREatshields or vibranium armor. And dying 20 times because my fully upgraded trinity sword didn’t have enough enough DPS was never so much fun.
By JohnnyComeLately
I didn't face this guy until I had attained Level 23, and I had upgraded all or the Plate armor, rocking a Kuromeia II greatsword PLUS the Mossy Charm for greater attack power. He jumped over me and I rolled right into him, trapping him at the far right edge of the arena. From that point on it was a cakewalk - I just swung that bad-*** Kuromeia until he was mincemeat! Under constant attack, he couldn't unleash any of his own attacks, and it was over before it started.
By Anonymous
I killed the Mad Alchemist and then died to poison shortly after. When I went back to reclaim my salt the little flying monster wasn't there. Is this a known bug?
By Anonymous
although not confirmed as a 'bug', many players faced a similar problem. Dying to environmental hazards against bosses (like from poison against the alchemist or fall damage against tree of men) occasionally does not result in a salt bat spawn.
By Anonymous
The blobs that he spawns during the fight are meant to protect you. Their grab makes you immune to other sources of damage. So when he starts going crazy, make sure a blob is around and get your antidotes ready.