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By Anonymous
Here we go again , after a platinum on PS3 i started for the remaster on PS4 ... What i pain to remember those farming . And icing on the cake i doing this at NG+7 this time as it was not painful enough .
By Anonymous
If you manage to get one , better add it to your CV that's a hell of a proof of singleness !
By Anonymous
After hours of farming and not getting a single one I guess I'll also complain and hopefully get it right after
By Anonymous
It's the only thing I need for 100%, please From, just give it to me Q~Q
By Anonymous
people say complaining here works, so... uhh... **** THESE GUYS! the only thing i need voor 100% and i've been going at it for 6.5 hours now.....
By Anonymous
ok why does nobody talk about how cheesy the buff is? 20 seconds? it takes like 20 seconds to cast and the first 20 seconds of a boss fight ur either closing in on the boss or dodging its attacks.
By Anonymous
"I'll just farm those guys in the Library real quick. How bad could it really be? Like fifteen minutes tops?"
------- Famous last words of a naive man trying to 100% Dark Souls
By Anonymous
My loved ones may never hear from me again. Someone tell them I hung myself in the archives
By Anonymous
wooo love how they shadow nerfed the drop rate and made it 0.001% since ive been farming these retards for like 2 hours and still havent gotten one
By Anonymous
If a kill takes say 2 minutes that's only 60 kills and each one of those kills only has a 1 in 100 chance to drop it you're just bad at farming bud git gud
By Anonymous
I prepared for an epic grind and it dropped from the 5th channeler ... Classic Dark Souls.
By Anonymous
Commenting to end my 5 hour farm
By Anonymous
Yo, no ****in way. It works, boys.
Praise the sun
By Anonymous
5 hours is insane
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