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By Anonymous
If you don't have all of these, DO NOT refer to yourself as a souls player. Go get yourself a Pokemon game -- that may be more your speed. Leave this game to those (like me) who have the mettle to preservers after victory, victory.
By Anonymous
You are cancer. Its people like you who ruin this game. I just sold ds3, dookie *** bastard
By ThatArmi
Exactly, people who don't have every souls game on plat shouldn't even be considered humans, ****ing sub-humans am I right? Lmao, so weak!!!! HAha!!!!!
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I hope for your sake, and the world in general, that this is a joke. If not I actually feel bad for you being that much of a lame, not to mention completely out of control stupid. You're telling people to go play another game because they don't have all of the achievement/trophy listed, but the only way to get them is to play the game. The only excuse for this kind of behavior is if you were an 11 year old, even that doesn't make it much better. In prison, on a good day, we made punks like you clean our cells and do our laundry.
By Anonymous
everyone should get to play the games, I don't have the time nor money to own all of them and i generallly like Ds3, Bloodborne and Sekiro the most. I like to platinate and i am doing that now on Ds3 but i usually dont search up so when i am at SoC at Ng++ i've searched everything so I can complete the game next round with all the trophies, wich is one ending and a few things ive missed
By Anonymous
Chill out virgin, some of us play games for fun.
By Anonymous
Glad I'm not the only one that thinks this guy's head is shoved up his a**
By Anonymous
If you think ds3 platinum is hard go get platinum in DMC4/5
By Anonymous
Kid, you're probably asswater and haven't beaten the game and always get wrecked in pvp, go **** your dad
By Anonymous
Holy **** this is some S tier bait.
By Anonymous
Boy this better be a joke.
By Anonymous
they hated him because he told the truth. most of these casuals don't even have the "ekindle" achievement yet. pathetic.
By Anonymous
anon from today if your post isnt for **** then curve ya neck to your *** hole and tongue it
By Anonymous
That is a very sad way to see life man, don’t gatekeep what it means to be a dark souls fan, or even what it means to beat dark souls. Lots of people have had fun with the game and get enough from beating the game for the achievements. If you feel the need to hold your achievements above someone else and say you’re part of the “gotgud” club or whatever, just stop. Let the people enjoy their game, don’t attempt to get more fulfillment out of getting every achievement by putting doen everyone who hasn’t. Some people don’t got the time and gatekeeping your *** off isn’t gonna make you look any more accomplished.
By Anonymous
look at all the seething replies
By Anonymous
Man, people are so funny, you can smell sarcasm from this sentence with 5 kilometers, people still take him serious. I am so sorry for your lack od sense of humor guys xD
By Anonymous
This is absolute 10/10 bait. Look at those downvotes and replies that’s just too perfect. Easiest community to troll imaginable.
By Anonymous
"Man, people are so funny, you can smell sarcasm from this sentence with 5 kilometers, people still take him serious. I am so sorry for your lack od sense of humor guys xD"

To whoever wrote that, you have too much hope in humanity. People are this ****ing stupid, and bait has gotten to the point where it's impossible to distinguish from genuine stupidity.

It's impossible to say for sure whether or not this is a joke, since sarcastically gatekeeping is a joke that stemmed from actual gatekeepers with no kind of social life. Who tells you this isn't one of them?

And if they ARE not an actuall gatekeeper, then this is not sarcasm or humor. This is trolling.
By Anonymous
Latest comment, there is no way this is genuine. Bringing pokemon into it and flexing with the (like me) are the hints that this is a sh*tpost and all of the people who fell for it are overly defensive to the point that they can’t spot the difference.
By Anonymous
People need to relax read the whole thing top to bottom. This community is funny. Some people want to 100 percent others don't please stop this troll nonsense. Who cares if he's trolling or not allow him to be a goof and don't get so offended.
By Anonymous
is possible to complete master of miracles while playing offline, not getting the darkmoon blade?
By Anonymous
Well seeing how it says ALL miracles and dark moon blade is a miracle, you obviously need it. You can get it without being online. The silver knights in Anor Londo drop them, although it's a very low chance.
By Anonymous
There isn’t an achievement in any of the Souls games that can’t be accomplished offline but usually the ones involving covenant rewards require tedious farming in PvE.
By Anonymous
Is it actually possible to do in 1 playthrough?
I got all trophies in single playthrough except the other 2 endings trophies
I'm curious that if I would've backed my save before the ending and did the different endings by retrieving the save file
It wouldn't matter for me anyway, i love going through as many playthroughs as i want, I'm just curious
By Anonymous
That is not possible due to the ng+ and ng++ rings, and also conflicting questlines(gestures, darknoon loyalty and proper bow)
By Anonymous
Have you to obtain the +3 rings to get the rings trophy?
By Anonymous
You need one single +3 ring for the achievement. That is the Life Ring +3, it is the only +3 weapon found in the entire base game.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
The achievement not being called "Lord of the rings" is kinda disappointing to be honest.
By Anonymous
Lotr sucks.
By Anonymous
yo momma sucks
By Anonymous
Do you need any dlc sorceries/pyromances/miracles for achievements?
By Anonymous
nope. all base game items
By Anonymous
He's wrong, yes you do. Confirmed.
By Anonymous
I got the master sorcerer without the dark eater sorcery
but i got the dlcs on ng+ so maybe thats a thing
By Anonymous
You only need the dlc items if you have the dlc
By Anonymous
No need for dlc items. (Even if you own the dlcs) Only base game matters
By Anonymous
Literally just done the end of fire ending and didnt give me my trophy kinda upset
By Anonymous
if you kill her you don't get it.
By Anonymous
For the spells, do you have to have them all on one character?
By Anonymous
Yes, you must obtain all of the spells in the same character
By crippling_weeb
Nameless is bronze, the same trophy rating that is kindling a bonfire. Thank you from software
By Anonymous
because phase one has literally no HP and second phase has giant dodge windows and he gets staggered easily?
By Anonymous
@20 April wow ur*****is so huge bro
By Zar
Man, on Steam I was playing in offline mode and I killed Oceicos, went to Untended Graves, went to Archdragon Peak, and killed the Ancient Wyvern. I got none of these achievements. If anyone knows a fix for it outside of doing them in a seperate save I would appreciate that.
By Anonymous
Don't play on offline mode if you want achievements lol
By Anonymous
I'm unaware of any way you can get them without a separate save. That sucks. Having retread the same ground just for an achievement you should have already gotten can feel tedious.
By Anonymous
all of this only because you didnt want to get "visited" by a phantom
By Anonymous
Alternatively, You could use Steam Achievement Manager. You've killed these bosses fair and square, after all.
By Anonymous
I've been playing in Offline Mode and got all these achievements. You may want to look into that manager that was mentioned. Playing offline has no bearing on if you get achievements and I'm glad you're not required to deal with jerks who want to invade you to flex just to get them. :)
By Anonymous
That’s really strange. I played in Offline mode in my first play through and defeated all bosses, and I got the achievements for each. Strange, that sucks man.
By Anonymous
I think he meant he was playing steam in offline mode, not the game itself. If you play with steam in offline mode you don't get achievements. On the other side while you play the game in offline mode you get all achievements...
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