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Crazy how you can have sacred oath, deep protection and lightening blade all at once on this blade. Made my first cleric playthrough fairly easy although I didn't beat all optional bosses.
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But you cannot have sacred oath and deep protection activated at the same time can you?
By Anonymous
yes you can have sacred oath and deep protection activated at the same time, they stack
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Dark Souls Most Op Builds

Ds1: Black Knight Halberd into Obsidian Greatsword FAITH CASTER BUFF MACHINE (Pure Dex Intel Pyro Sorc works too)

DS2 It's all about being a strength chad! No one did strength (AND HEXES) better than good ol Ds2. Demon Great Hammer or/into Crypt Blacksword or Ring that let's your fists frag. Strike Damage is OP its basically EZ mode. Denial is HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Str some faith adp you're set! Or just pure str vig & adp!!! Miracle builds suck tho as you know. Also I loved Ds2!!! Idk why you guys have so much hate for it???

Bloodborne: If you don't play 99 arcane fire Saw Spear & Flamethrower you're at a disadvantage it's almost like the game was made for it?! Stupid broken I love it!

Demon Souls: Creseant Falcion Mage!

Ds3 this bad boy! There's no other weapon that feels like it hits harder more satisfying and feels fun to use like this monster. IF SOLAIRE WAS A DEX USER! THIS IS HIS LEGACY & GLORY! R1 SPAM 2 WIN. INSANE FAITH SCALING & MOVESET, EASY TO UPGRADE IMO AND CAN BE AQUIRED EARLY IF YOU GIT GUD... or use gnaw lol.. MOST IMPORTANTLY THE WEAPON ART IS AMAZING AND YOU CAN BUFF IT! Only weapon I've ever gravitated towards in this game. Only thing that pumps NUMBERS. Not to mention all the utility and damage with a miracle caster! (RTSR & ROSE TOO) Twinblades feel so boring. Somehow this weapon hits just right. PRAISE THE SUN! (this is my least fave Ds imo but this weapon makes it truly fun!) Also you can put dark lightning and magic (or is DMB physical???) Either way this baby is just so great. Have faith lads! GLHF!!!
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By Anonymous
you are not funny
By Anonymous
Isn't the WA got nerf in PVP???
By Anonymous
Reg sacred oath stacks with tears of denial but this doesn't :/
What's the reason for this?
By Anonymous
Who cares, still love this sword! PRAISE THE SUN!
By Anonymous
Where are you pkcs guy??
By Anonymous
Just learn to parry, scrub
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