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By Anonymous
Bling hat logan
By Anonymous
The crown allows you to summon phantom help before Sister Frieda fight without using an ember.
By Anonymous
No, you can summon gael without ember, no matter what you wear, dont lie
By Anonymous
Big **** bro
By Anonymous
15k for blingiest bling, for Blingy McBlingerson
By Anonymous
give it up, skeleton!
By Anonymous
It will sometimes giving and extra estus flask when they are low
By Anonymous
That happens anyway
By Anonymous
It should've been like the crown in Ds2, recharging your spell uses. Idk why they didn't make it so it recharge your fp.
By Anonymous
does any matching armor set come with the crown later?
By Anonymous
Crown of Wolnir
Plae Shade Robe
Fire Witch Gauntlets
Painting Guardian Waistcloth

And the face of an angry old hag from the character creator.

By Phate999
I think it matches very well with Lorian's Armor Set.