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By Anonymous
Halflight uses it.

White *****'s bow
By Anonymous
Honestly pretty fun to use in invasions. Sniping people with invisible arrows while wearing the invisible ring. It's fun to watch hosts and phantoms run in confusion trying to figure out why they are taking damage for no apparent reason.
By Anonymous
This bow is a must if you use the obscuring ring
By Anonymous
Only Ringed City weapon that isn't the slightest bit op. Thanks for nothing Fromsoft! :(((
By Anonymous
White birch bow: i can make an arrow disappear!
Also white birch bow: "Misses every shot"

Srsly, homing arrows would be a better wa. Or lore-wise, it could deflect spells while preparing the shot with a lingering twisted wall of light. Almost every other bow (and any crossbow!) Surpass it in terms of utility.
By Anonymous
Dark arrows do home in on targets, and you can use them with this bow.
By Anonymous
Yeah uh no, regular actually does 82.1329281 damage, not 82 exactly.
By Anonymous
Imagine being downvoted for an obvious joke