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By Anonymous
This game is like a wet dream. I just recently purchased early access and I'm stunned by the feel and role playing elements, and there is soooo much still to come! I really hope there can be dlc for some of the expansions too! I know it's a lot of work, but I'm sure it'll come around eventually!
By Anonymous
I can't wait to have a Variant Human "Twilight Domain Cleric Level 1" and "Lore Bard Level 19". Character will have 1) Eyes of Night for 300 ft darkvision 2) Heavy Armor Proficiency 3) Martial Weapon Proficiency 4) Fearie Fire and Sleep spells + 3 Cantrips 5) One Extra Feat 6) One extra skill proficiency 7) +1 to two ability scores. After multi-classing with Bard my character will be covering nearly everything! Party face, tank, caster, weapon user, skill monkey.
By Anonymous
The max level is going to be only a few (at most) over 10, so you won't see level 19.
By Anonymous
If I could make my Bard up to level 9 that means: at level 2 for multi-classing to bard I will get one Skill Proficiency and one musical instrument. Also I will be just 1 level behind so it will worth because all nice stuff come till level 9 (I will just lose magical secret thing on level 10 but thanks to lore bard it's also compensated.) So still I'm very ok even with 10 level cap. If variant human won't be amongst options there are few other races that I could be happy with.
By Anonymous
Who said the the max level was only going to be a few over 10!?
By Anonymous
People... the devs are not here to cater to your every whim. Based on the comments, many of you act like it's *super easy* to just toss an entirely new class or subclass or race into the game. They are trying to focus on things that will appeal to the most people. To expect them to put your psionic kobold or centaur artificer or goblin twilight cleric into the game just because *you* want to play it is unreasonable.
By Anonymous
Artificer is completely not mentioned. Is this going to be the one class left out?
By Anonymous
Artificer isn't in the PHB so probably not.
By Anonymous
This isn't set in Eberron you know?
By Anonymous

I mean, where the Antipaladin (Oathbreaker) at?? What about the Death domain Cleric?? I also hope the Necromancer mage wont be straight up garbage like the pen and paper version...
By Anonymous
If they dont put in Bladesinger. I will just Uninstall and not pay for any DLC.
By Anonymous
The subclass isn't PHB, so the chances of it being included by Larian isn't all that great. But there's already a Bladesinger mod in beta on Nexus that will only improve with better modding tools.
By Anonymous
Imagine don't want to play the game because there don't have one single subclass.
By Anonymous
I hope they get the Kensei Monk in and Kobolds as a playable race.
By Anonymous
idk if the devs will read this, but everyone is making requests for classes on this wiki and I just want to say, that, while I think it goes without saying we all want our favorite subclasses added, whats most important is making sure they focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY. i would like if they polish the subclasses they have , and not try to spread themselves too thin, trying to appease EVERYONE usually appeases NO ONE. However, this game is looking like it is set to be one of the greatest games ever made. If they continue it, and it keeps making money, expect to see subclasses added as DLC options, and probably one shot modules too.

I can foresee this becoming the definitive DnD game, which could have years of dlc release as long as people continue to buy the DLC and show its worth the time to create the dlc.

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