By Anonymous
I dont get it so is patch 1.20 completely made to counter suzaku? My question is does it cancel all critical builds? Like for example will suzaku and armor and charms still give that boost while in crit, or does the pach 1.20 cancel only skills that give that? Cause if patch 1.20 cancels all of them than suzaku pretty much got neutered.
By Anonymous
if you're gonna make a page like this, keep it updated. There were patches on PS4 last year, this year, hell 2 days ago (to put in some ad to "help" us pre-order Nioh 2 lol)...
By Anonymous
lm getting a really good bug apparently , lm receiving what appears to be an attack boost with my tonfas everytime l get amrita (very short though maybe 1 sec. but unlimited if you keep absorving amrita), theres is no indication of such bonus on any of my equipment, may be just the image showing though right? The tonfas in question are supposed to give you a stamina recharge boost but the image that appears is the same exact as attack bonus ninjutsu and they even stack, l need to make some test and see if actually there is an attack bonus, but as for now l half kill every boss by just ramming into them with my living weapon, some of them 3/4 or more even being 20 lvls or more above me (lm lvl 108 actually) they are regular tonfas btw...
anyways, any light in these issue would be aprciated, lm surely missing something hehe