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By Anonymous
ball and chain version is, design wise, the worst fight in the game. sure, some of there later chalices have stupidly harder bosses but seriously **** that guy.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
i just beat him after a month
By Anonymous
The hammer and chains version is a total ***** to kill, but an easy cheese is to stay at range and in front of him. Get close enough to bait his light scythe swipe. Sprint in with a heavy weap and get one swing (I used Ludwigs +10 R1 attack) then immediatly backstep waaaaay out. Circle left in the arena staying away from him. ONLY attack after the LIGHT scythe swipe. Watch him to learn the difference between the heavy one (360 balls and chains) and the light one. Stay away from ANY other attack. Takes a bit, but he's prettu safe to bring down this way
By Anonymous
The ball and chain variant one-shotting my BL 537 character MULTIPLE times is absolute bull.
By Anonymous
broken/unbalanced/unfair AK fight like so many others
By Anonymous
So yes molotovs do stagger him, but he needs to be oiled first
By Anonymous
one of the easiest bosses just don't attack directly i killed him in my first try maybe playing ds2-3 and sekiro make this boss look like kids toy lol but doesn't mean it's easy i killed him in first try because i know he will be strong so i will not attack him i will wait for him to attack and kill him thanks for my fast starting weapon named [ saw cleaver) who is very fast one making this boss a joke thank you dark souls
By Anonymous
"[ saw cleaver)"
By Anonymous
this has to be a troll bot
By Anonymous
how is this a trollbot, this boss is literally easy y'all maddening
playing tonitrus on 50 arcane, literally the only hits i take is when i buff my tonitrus at the wrong times because i'm impatient
dodge his swipes into him, hit twice, dodge out, rinse and repeat
By Anonymous
Yes... that's my first run in Bloodborne, and after Dark Souls3 and Sekiro, I have to say that Bloodborne became my favorite game... But chalice dungeons, the cursed ones... Fromsoft ****ed up. I can't beat this undead giant! He one-shots me despite my 50 vitality!
By Anonymous
Oh, he's open. let me just... Oh I'm dead from full health? Thank you Bloodborne, very cool.
By Anonymous
He’s very predictable, but not at all fun or well designed
By Anonymous
More difficulty with this bastard than mergo, micolash, lady Maria etc wtf
By Anonymous
save the tumor on his leg and the other tumor on top of his head ( if you use weapons that can reach it) until his health fall below 50% or 40%, its will kill him immediately if pop his tumors at this time
By Anonymous
Love Bloodborne, hate this boss! I especially like how he leaps at you and 1 shots you. He can even leap through scenery to get you so don't consider yourself safe in the small round arena if you stand around the edges. Cheapest boss in the entire game, so glad it's optional.
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