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At McGruffs light the torch by the blacksmith, rest, and head back in. A new chest will be available.
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Umm, I got the torch in Things Betwixed... I then went into that first tunnel to the left and lit the torches as well as killing all the enemies. When I came out where the nest is, my torch disappeared. Now I can't even choose the option to light the torch at a bonfire or any scone I've already lit.
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You ran out of torch. Every time you get a torch it adds 5 minutes to your total "torch time". Next time you pick up a torch it will add another 5 minutes. Just come back then.
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happened to me too
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To conserve torch time scout and kill mobs around the sconces you want to light up then go back to the nearest avaiable place to light your torch and immediatly run to the sconce to light it. Then aftet lighting it immediatly swap your lit torch out (no need to go to inventory, you can also 2hand ur weapon) Rinse and repeat
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Alternately, use cast light if you are caster
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Torch sconce puzzles were one of the coolest small changes in ds2
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If you light every sconce in the Gutter, it will cause the Gutter Denizen witch lady to spawn near the entrance to Black Gulch. She drops her set on death as a pickup, but make sure she doesn't die on wooden platforms as there's a risk her drop will fall right through the slats and get snuffed out by a bottomless pit.
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Here's a real question though does torch dmg scale with fire bns?
By Anonymous
- Light all sconce in things betwixt and a phantom spawns (mentioned)
- Light all but 3 sconces in the gutter and a phantom spawns.
- Light the one sconce on the bridge in undead crypt (after agdayne, reccomend coming form 2nd bonfire) and a phantom spawns
-! Light all 4 scattered around in Aldias keep and the bone dragon comes alive when you walk past it, after a one-off non-resetting attack it clears up some stairways and will spawn a phantom on your next run through the enterence. Also gives you a key to the side rooms.
- light the one in mguffs workshop and he mooves on reload, freeing up a chest to be acessed.

These seem to be VERY common drops from any basic hollow-type enmy holding a torch, obv amplified by bringing some drop increasing equipment to a near garuntee. espeshally farmable in the gutter. can easily get a multi-hour torch timer.
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So glad these dumb things died with this broken game.
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"Broken game"... yet you comment in the wiki.
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Yet, Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 and EVEN Elden Ring have torches.
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There are many things that make Dark Souls 2 by far the worst Souls game. This one of those things
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git gud