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By Anonymous
She's painting Elden Ring. Everything that happens in this game gives way to Elden Ring.
By Anonymous
why is she called painting women when shes clearly a child from your just encouraging pedos here please change her name or give her a bodyguard
By Anonymous
stfu weirdo
By Anonymous
you do relies right there actually was a anon here sometime ago who basically posted a pure pedo comment so this comment is actually okay
By Anonymous
Hey, fake twitter puritan skeleton hiding guy, lemme tell you a little secret. This fictional character here? Yeah, she isn't real. Child, adult or whatever, she's not a real person. Maybe go and patrol for people perving on real children in real life.
By Anonymous
this comment was dumb why did the person even comment this s h i t
By Anonymous
they need to ad a option to make hot chocolate considering its a frozen world I think the girl and everyone deserves one
By Anonymous
Man, ds3 is deppressing , we killed an 18 year olds uncle took his blood and gave it to her then she wants his dead uncle to live in it without knowing that he died by our hand
By Anonymous
First of all, she‘s CLEARLY a child! And Gael is not her uncle, the japanese version refers to him as a non-family-member.
By Anonymous
The way this dude specified 18 years old is sus
By Anonymous
Tis Good
By Anonymous
Now I know geal is her uncle I think I should leave her be. Or I will get my *** kicked
By Anonymous
Well time to murder a child
By Anonymous

By Anonymous
Is it wrong that if they confirm her parents are dead I would adopt her in a instant
By Anonymous
Probably because you're a creep
By Anonymous
erm what gave you the indication anon from 27th is a creep so showing care in a non creepy way makes you a creep apparently
By Anonymous
@2July He probably knew he himself was a creep so he thought it works the same all the time lol
By Anonymous
Anon17. I’m not saying your wrong but how do you know it’s a boy who posted this or if what they said was a bad attempt at trolling
By Anonymous
She is painting the land between. Elden Ring
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