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By Anonymous
I healed my dark sigil and I met her again the conversation went like this
Me hey arni this may sound weird but some strange woman sort of tried to get us married but for some reason I needed to stab you in the face or something
Arni erm are you erm still interested
Me not gonna lie yes but I’ll leave that up to you
By Anonymous
wow the hate on this comment is amazing damn
By Anonymous
I think everyone who’s hating this comment is a anri simp
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
so after helping her with Aldrich and getting her sword from Ludleth, either way she's hostile? thankless wtf
By Anonymous
After completing her goal she has nothing driving her forward. She went hollow
By Anonymous
Dunno if you noticed but Dark Souls is dark af. Usually when you complete someone's questline, they go hollow, as they have no purpose anymore. You helped them achieve what they wanted to do. All you can do is find comfort in the fact that they "died" with their wishes fulfilled.
By Anonymous
The best ending would be just leaving her alone in smouldering lake after killing horace, the hostile traitor
By Anonymous
I doubt Horace was a traitor, merely hollow. He couldn't speak since the moment one meets him, instead, he grunts and growls like the hollow undead. I believe he was on the brink of hollowing, but kept himself sane by sheer force of will, then lost his way in the Smouldering Lake, was driven into the tunnel by the Carthus Sandworm, the Great Crabs, and the Repeating Ballista, and lost hope. With no way to leave without being crushed to death, blown to peices, or swallowed whole, he simply became depressed and hollow.
By Anonymous
Just don’t talk to them in firelink
By Anonymous
The info is wrong in Questline A point 5.iii Killing Horace *is* necessary for the completion of Anri's questline. If you don't kill Horace, you will still meet Anri in the Yorshka's church but their summon sign will not appear in Anor Londo. It doesn't matter when you kill him, you can go back and do it after completing the rest of the questline and finding the summon sign missing
By topnormal
Nothing says "I do" like stabbing someone in the face with a large sword.
By Anonymous
That reads like the punchline to a boomer comic
By Anonymous
I think the Ashen One had a different kind of penetration in mind when he heard aboout marrying Anri
By Anonymous
I hate how she becomes a man if you're female. Lesbian gamers rise up
By Anonymous
I honestly liked the dude voice more.
By Anonymous
If you're on PC, there's a mod on the nexus that makes Anri match the player gender, female for female, and male for male
By Anonymous
thats very ***
By Anonymous
Yes yes, she should also be made dosed on ket and Coke, wearing a strap. On. With three dil.dos in her mouth after eating a poopy *** with the "pride" flag draped over her shoulders.

I mean at least thats what the cool kids are doing nowadays
By Anonymous
It's not a romantic relationship you absolute clown.
By Anonymous
you will never be a woman.
By Anonymous
These replies, yikes. glad to see the DS3 community is so welcoming... lol
By Anonymous
so true tho.. chad ds1 letting solaire flirt with male pc vs virgin ds3 transing anris gender to make sure the ****ed up cult ceremony isnt ***
By Anonymous
oh its totaly fine to stab her in the face but 2 girls in love? no way man thats messed up. grow up bro
By Anonymous
what is it with quests and being so convoluted
"You must kill (x) at (y) BUT BEFORE KILLING (z), accidentally hitting (a) ruins the entire quest btw loooool"
By Anonymous
Interviewer: tell me something big you have achieved
Me: completed Anri's questline in ds3 first try
Interviewer: you are hired!
By Werewolf_80
I did a bit different story from this guide. I Killed Deacons of the Deep. Killed Abyss Watcher. Then head to Catacomb and never saw Anri or Horace. Killed The old demon King and Aldrich too. When to Catacomb and looked for Anri and Horace. They were never there. Altho they was still in Halfway Fortress. When I speaked to them. They said they are heading to Anor Londor, there is their destination. Then I head to Smouldering Lake. I found Horace in a cave and killed him. Then went back to Catacomb and met Anri near the wooded bridge above the stone brige. I told her I found Horace in the Smouldering Lake. She gave me the ring and she was going to find Horace. I headed back to the cave where I killed Horace. But never saw Anri there. Then When I went to Church of Yorshka and she was there. Then she disappeared afterward no where to be found. I searched on the internet. I found this guide.. ... ora#Quests
By Anonymous
you need youria of londor to progress further
By Anonymous
Maybe mention that you need to fight Horace in Smouldering Lake before you fight the boss. Since you cant continue the quest without it. Thanks for nothing
By Anonymous
thanks mate. I spent ages going "WHERE IS ANRI AT?" looking at this wiki page only to realize I messed up killing the boss before talking to them. These quests are actually god awful
By Anonymous
You can talk to Anri and not tell them where Horace is. You never have to kill Horace, just make sure you talk to Anri and then head to Church of Yorshka to find them there
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