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By Anonymous
60 insight for one :|
By Anonymous
All the more reason to play multiple characters imo.
By Anonymous
Sinister pthumeru ihyll n39answs sarcophagus chest in 2nd bonus area (after lock). Beware of fatty.
By Anonymous
Loran Chalice Blood Rocks
Rotted Lower Loran Chalice: Glyph 4292egu2, Layer 2 (In pre-area before second lantern). (I found this to be incorrect, it is in on Layer 1 in the pre-area between the Chamber of the Seal and Layer 1 lamps, in the sewer section in a sarcophagus protected by a madman)

This is close, however the actual location is layer 1 pre-boss bonus room. The coffin protected by a madman (labrynth sage) is correct
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