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By Kitsune_Inari
Pure Dexterity weapon.
Requires a metric crapton of Strength anyway.

Good design. /s
By Anonymous
Two-handing : Exists
This guy : wow, it's worthless
By Anonymous
I fear not those who wield the loyce great sword , but instead those who gone through hell to get this
By Anonymous
Noyce Greatsword?
By Anonymous
Excelent moveset, but Bloody hell this feels wrong.
the Stats requirements scream Quality but the Scaling is Dex.
who thought it was a good idea?
By Anonymous
Well... you can just have 13 str and two hand it?
By Anonymous
Best moveset of the greatswords. It's not very damaging like the others gs, but it has reach and the 2H R2 does a lot of damage
By Anonymous
Weird how it upgrades with twinkling
By Anonymous
25 strength required. E scaling in strength. Whose idea was this
By Anonymous
Its probably the same guy who set the scaling on the chaos blade
By Anonymous
they probably wanted you to two hand it
By Anonymous
Meant for Quality builds I guess? Like how FUGS has a 30 Dex requirement for no reason other than to make it a Quality weapon. I mean I preffer Quality over pure Str/Dex but it's still a pretty weird choice.

Take a shot every time I said quality lol.
By Anonymous
The same guy who makes sorcery catalysts with high Int requirements that scale with Faith
By Anonymous
great damage, high speed on 2 hand, and it looks great! only downside is you need to beat a... questionable boss for it, but after beating that garbage you've got a weapon that makes it well worth it imo.
By Anonymous
1of the best greatsword 10/10