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By Anonymous
"Attack Doggos" why are you like this
By Anonymous
cheese every time
By Anonymous
I don't always like cheese, but when I do, it's in Dark Souls.
By Anonymous
It seems all strategies to win this fight is based on melee/tank builds. I got into this fight with a sorcerer lvl 25 and it's been a nightmare.
By Anonymous
Same. Playing a pure sorcerer build and the problem is killing the dogs quick enough with so little vitality. Grr.
By King_Havel
It was being a nightmare to me as well, until I had the idea of going full Havel and spam Homing Soulmasses on him and always defending. You don't even need to move. .
By Anonymous
Use a 100%phis block shield and stand on top of the cheese spot
By Anonymous
Aural Decoy is your friend. It works on the dogs AND the demon.
By Anonymous
take zweilhander go to the catacomb with some green titanite make the zweilhander fire +5 and go to kill capra with 2 hits
By Anonymous
can be easily done with just a unupgraded zweihander
By Anonymous
i got through catacombs after blighttown but before killing capra just to meet patch before Reah encounter so when i reached the catacombs i already had some green titanite, so i evolved zwei to fire and make it +5... Capra would have no chance
By Anonymous
I think that's a bit much
By Anonymous
how to defeat kopro demon? throw "dung pies" bought from that old zombie hag over the gate without entering it, he will die to poison.
By Anonymous
dont be rude to my wife
By Anonymous
I had a surprising amount of fun fighting capra on my second playthrough with my pyro/dex build. but trying to fight capra with low poise and a slow weapon on my first playthrough was a nightmare.
By Anonymous
I hate you
By Anonymous
gg 2 ez 4 me
By Anonymous
i know right? i beat him third try with Gargoyle halberd
By Anonymous
Man I know right? I totally face tanked him naked with a giant dildo. We had a great time when he took it away from me.
By Anonymous
beat him third try with zweihander easiest boss in my life or gaping dragon he is easy too i guess
By Anonymous
So is it a glitch to have the dog just straight tank your attacks for 4-5 swings of the drake sword?
By Anonymous
If you attack an enemy mid-animation and the hit doesn't kill them, you won't break their poise. With that said, I don't know how it has enough health to do that if that's what you meant.
By Anonymous
"Most of its attacks are easily blocked" immediately breaks my guard and half my health....Right
By Anonymous
Yeah not sure where that claim is coming from
By Anonymous
Get a shield with higher stability, a great shield preferably. The only attack that you won't be able to block is the overhead slam. The two-handed swing also takes off a huge chunk of stamina, enough to guard usually, but it's also very telegraphed.
By Anonymous
*enough to guard break
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