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By Anonymous
Does putting the heads of the Lords work in this shrine?
By Anonymous
Sadly no.
By Anonymous
I just realized that the Illusory wall by Pickle Pee is not there if you already opened it in normal firelink shrine, that's interesting.
By Anonymous
the chest loot is also there if you haven't opened it in normal firelink
By Anonymous
I love how all over Dark souls forums people talk about how certain character are lorewise dead. As if they didn't listen to solaire in ds1 say that time is convoluted and how he and I simply phase in and out of time. etc etc. Basically if your boy is dead. He only dead in yo world But he aint necessarily dead in others.
By Anonymous
Ok nerd lol
By Anonymous
Honestly, coolest area in the game.
By Anonymous
you can get to eyes of a firekeeper via an illlusory wall on the main level where the coiled sword fragment is (:
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