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By Anonymous
I was thinking about making a melee mage build with Great Magic Shield so you can save a lot of STR points and still have a bashing shield, but then realized that piercing shield exists and is better than this in every aspect (it's even lighter!) so this thing is completely worthless besides fashion and memes.
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By BruzoEesCorg
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So what if it's got ****ty absorption? It's a ****ing pig! Hell yeah!
By Anonymous
You foolishly give up an Undead Bone Shard, and are rewarded with this joke of a shield. Whether you bear it with pride or hide it with shame is up to you.
By Anonymous
Shame on you, greedy gut.
By Anonymous
actually we got like 60 boneshard which we'll never use. sooo......
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
no way you have 60 undead boneshards, I think you confused boneshards with homeward bones
By Anonymous
But it looks like a pig
I always wanted a piggy shield :(
By Anonymous
more like BOAR it with pride amirite fellas???
By Anonymous
> "no way you have 60 undead boneshards, I think you confused boneshards with homeward bones."

I'm not the guy you were talking to, but it is very possible to have 60+ bone shards. You get 10 shards in your first playthrough and max out your estus flask upgrades. You get 10 more bone shards per playthrough on that character. I'm on NG+9 with 73 bone shards since I've traded a couple times for the shield to give to friends and haven't finished this playthrough yet on this character.
By Anonymous
I only get this shield after going into NG+ so it’s actually no harm.
Like I could get 10 shields per cycle if I wanted- wait no I can’t.
By Anonymous
It should do pig noises during shield bash animation.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Well, the bash catches people off guard and blocks simultaneously, doing fair damage, so you could theoretically poise an attack when they think you're entering a losing trade. That being said, don't base a build around "tricking" your opponent unless it's to OHK them, because decent players will only fall for a gimmick once or twice, and the ones who fall for it many times are also the ones with 15 estus to chug and 3 tryhard summons to spank you mercilessly
By Anonymous
Except for the part where shield bash never lands even if they dont expect it.
By Anonymous
What if its just to OINK them?
By Anonymous
the one true test of fashion souls
By Anonymous
It almost feels like your bone shard was eaten by a pig
By Anonymous
look’s like I Am Wildcat’s grandma piggy or four0seven’s girlfriend #vanosscrew
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
God, quit being such a suckup. Get a ****ing life and quit seeking validation from a washed up crew that isnt even together anymore.
By Anonymous
Quit being such a suckup and get a life and ****ing quit seeking validation from a ****ty gaming crew from the 2010s
By Anonymous
I don't know who any of these people are but who on earth thinks "women are pigs" is a worthwhile punchline in 2019
By Anonymous
"unsettling authenticity"
By Anonymous
Pretty sure it's an inside joke, because the original was based off a youtuber's pfp which ended up being copyrighted and got from in trouble
By Anonymous
It’s shaming you for giving up a bone shard.