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By Anonymous
I'm having trouble summoning/being summoned in the New Londo Ruins are, we are using passwords which bypass level and weapon level restrictions. Yet neither of us, being human and on the same covenant (chaos servant) can see each other. What gives? We can summon each other just fine anywhere else
By Anonymous
It's normal. A this place, you need to drop the water before
By Anonymous
It has no sense and is unbalanced.
I upgraded my uchigatana +10 for Anor Londo, sl 53, and i get matched with people in NG or NG+ with fire weapons +5, i need at least 4 backstab while in 2 r1 i'm melted.
Well done From.
By Anonymous
Thank you
By Anonymous
DS3 ruined my DS1
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I have a plus 0 gravelord greatsword and i'am level 11 at undead burg and trying to invade people but getting nothing can anyone tell me why.
By Anonymous
you need to be human...
By Anonymous
Recently, I invaded a grave lord servant in Undead Burg (lvl 15 unupgraded weapons) expecting to find some whacky low lvl dsr pvp. Instead, the dude had a **** ton of health and one shot me with a lightning blacksmith hammer. I’m not exactly new to the game, I’ve been playing for a year. But I’m absolutely confused as to how the **** this happened. Why can this dude invade with upgraded weapons and over 30 vigor at such a low lvl. This game’s matchmaking is absolute ***
By Anonymous
he has unpgraded weapons idiot
By Anonymous
“Unpgraded weapons idiot” the absolute irony, good job making a show of yourself. As for the OP question, he is likely in ng+ At a low level with lots of good equipment. Once a player keeps stats at a minimum it’s easy to up HP and stay low level. You’ve simply encountered an experienced twink who is within your soul level range. There’s no glitches or unintended exploits being used here.
By Anonymous
Its because he has unupgraded weapons or he muled them you dont need to add the idiot ok..
By Anonymous
Do I match with lvl 5 Twinkling titanite weapons with weapons of lvl 15 or 10 or so?
By Pudie
Apparently weapons that get upgraded with Twinkling Titanites start by default at +5.

That means a, say Black Knight Ultra Greatsword without upgrades is considered a weapon +5. With each upgrade, you increase it's value by 2.

So, BK UGS +1 = Weapon +7; BK UGS +2 = Weapon +9, and so on until +5, which is +15.
By Anonymous
I can make a level one with Lighting 5+ BattleAxe, Lighting 5+ light crossbow, 15+ armor, Stone armor, Haval armor, and even silver knight armor as well as being a soul level ONE and collected majority of the rings. Maxed out Pryo glove almost all spells maxed out elemental bolts for my crossbow 4+ flask overkill for a level one. Also getting the red eyed orb is easier now I also was bored and got the different elemant variants Divine BattleAxe 4+ Xbow divine 4+, Enchanted battleAxe 4+, Enchanted Xbox 4+, Fire 4+ BattleAxe, Xbox 4+ Fire. Any item you could buy from a merchant i had a high stock of. 72 days of gameplay 300+ invasions and NOTE I NEVER WAS ABLE to invade players twice and some I wanted to when even all that didn't help me win against some smarter hosts. Got destroyed by a NG++++ Solair and the Golden crown boy legit i cried when i lost. My point in a short view is this weapon tier system to hinder summons and invasions is sad and pathetic its a poor excuse to lock out players who challange themsevles in trying to become a better oppenent against co-op players.
By Anonymous
My character A is on weapon upgrade 5. If I take my character B who has created Queelags Furrysword without upgrading it and trade it over through a friend to character A will he still be on weapon upgrade 5? According to the list unupgraded "unique weapons" are on the weapon upgrade 5 level which is absolutely the case for twinkling titanite. But since you normally can't acquire Queelags Furrysword without bumping your weapon upgrade level to 10, I am unsure if an unupgraded boss soul weapon which uses demon titanite also counts as weapon upgrade 5. Anyone know anything about this?
By Anonymous
Any character who picks up that Quelaag's Furysword +0 will immediately jump to +10 as their highest weapon upgrade, even if you drop it later on. Even says so.
By Anonymous
If OP does what he/she explained, Character A will remain on WPLv.5. Queelag's sword +0 is a Weapon Level 5 weapon despite is made using a Weapon Level 10 weapon.

What OP explained is exactly how you must do it to "twink" using that weapon.
By Anonymous
I like old matchmaking, now the experience I once had is spoiled, I remember the old invasions, I was very scared without knowing what happens and being one shot killed (not all the time), that was a good dark souls experience, dark souls is characterized by f*ck you, not by making things easier for you, i played both sides, invader and host, (i still playing dark souls remastered with this matchmaking) and the only thing to say for the people who cry when get killed for broken builds (i was one of them)... Git Gud.
By Pudie
I've never seen such nonsense in my life. You may enjoy getting ur *** destroyed by overpowered people with meta builds and items and such that you didn't even unlock yet.

However I'm afraid to tell you that not everybody is that masochistic. A good fight is much more enjoyable than an instant death you didn't even get time to react to.

And in any case, broken builds for PvP are still a thing, it is the first Dark Souls we're talking about.
By Anonymous
wow you seem like a really nice person to know in real life
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