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By Anonymous
If i give her all tomes can i FOR SURE complete her quest line by buying all of the good miracles AND still get all dark miracles by getting both tomes back when she becomes a firekeeper and give them to Karla?
By Anonymous
there are 4 tomes, 2 good 2 bad. You only need to give the 2 light ones and buy all light miracles to get the light ending and give her the dark ones and buy them to get the dark ending. If you give her a dark tome YOU CANNOT get the light ending. What i dont get is why do you want to give her a dark tome and then give it to karla? just give it to karla and buy the dark miracles from her
By Anonymous
If you arent already done ignore that guys message, I accidently gave her both dark tomes and when I entered lothric early to get the other light tome I was able to buy all the light miracles and as the wiki said the dark tomes were in front of her
By Anonymous
Such a failure every time I see her I just want to give her the suc with the dark hand and watch her writhe in agony. After I kill that pig I’m going to murder eygon for his armor.
By Anonymous
Uhhh u gud homie?
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By Anonymous
What an edgelord. You don’t you sound cool, you know?
By Anonymous
Who let the 12 year old loose?
By Anonymous
I wonder. Following the tip about waiting to have all tomes before touching her and sending her to the Firelink Shrine… Can you safely open her cell gate and leave the shortcut available without any consequence?

Never seen that asked before.
By Anonymous
I gave her all divine tomes, including both of the dark ones, but I never bought any dark miracles. Now I've bought all the light miracles but can't continue her questline. Does anyone know why?
By Anonymous
For point 3.2, I found Eygon dead at Irina's old cell and picked up his equipment. Never had to fight him.
By Anonymous
i got a story tell tell her ever hear the tale of the Abysswalker he could save himself from the abyss but not his friends
By Anonymous
I have something you can touch( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It's the Braille Divine tome of Carim can I get an amen
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By Anonymous
Amen brother get those tears of denial!
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
you know maybe its a good thing she cant see I don't think she would like what has happened to lothric and the world poor thing
By GreySkale45
So I'm just going to put down a bunch of random facts and thoughts here in the hopes someone might be able to piece them together for a theory.

Untended Graves, Champion Gundyr, too late, dead Fire Keeper, coiled sword broken, no bonfire. Irina, failed Fire Keeper, blind, Shrine location is same place we find Eyes of a Fire Keeper.

Becomes a "Fire Keeper" after purchasing all good miracles from her, but consumed by darkness after all dark miracles are bought. Eyes of a Fire Keeper, reveal a world without light, world consumed by darkness. Irina, though blind, still has her eyes in our Firelink.

Her ashes mention a "Great Betrayal," similar to the title of "Grand Betrayal" given to the End of Fire. Could she and/or Eygon be complicit in the end of fire?

From all of this, I propose three timelines for Irina:

One: She makes it to the Untended Graves and awaits her Champion of Ash, Gundyr, but he doesn't arrive. From Prisoner's Chain, we can gather that he was restrained, and I believe the power that restrained him did so to bring about the End of Fire in the Untended Graves we find. They killed Fire Keeper Irina, broke the coiled sword, and loaded the area with powerful enemies to prevent any ash from rising and linking the fire.

Two: Our timeline. Irina is unable to become a Fire Keeper, for whatever reason. Eygon is content to let her rot in a cell, as it's "safe" for her there, but we go around him and rescue her anyway. Through our actions on the light path, Irina can become a Fire Keeper, but the circumstances are confusing. First, we buy all the light miracles from her, and when we leave and return, she's gone. If we look around, we find her in the base of the Firelink tower, all alone in the dark and surrounded by Fire Keeper corpses. She's able to channel souls and level us up now, but seems… absent. She has two lines, and none of them have any emotion or personality. In addition, how did she make it to the tower? She's blind, and that's quite a pilgrimage to make for a blind person. Perhaps she asked someone like Andre for help, and he led her there, but if we don't tangle others into the story, maybe she knew the way because she's been there before. She's got a Tower Key, which is very specifically meant for that exact location, but she was never able to become a Fire Keeper. Could her own Champion of Ash, perhaps, have come too late, as in the olden tale of Gundyr? Rather than leave her here, at an empty and flameless shrine, could Eygon have chosen to force her into the path of Great Betrayal, leaving the flame to die?

And did we, by virtue of taking pity on Irina, redeem her?

Just some thoughts I had at 4 AM.
By Anonymous
and the third timeline?
By GreySkale45
@3 June anon: It was really late; I miscounted my timelines lol
By Anonymous
Depression in two different flavors
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