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By Anonymous
The only reliable "invasion" in dark souls 3.
By Anonymous
"unfair, forced pvp, bad design, op npc, mimimimi..."

Welcome to the forgotten days of lordran where you had to take care of your business by yourself. All we're doing is getting an ornament for each player who doesn't want to learn.
By Anonymous
got summoned to fight as a Spear of the Church while waiting outside the boss room with a white soap stone. i felt pretty bad having to kill them.
By Anonymous
I dont get the complains. Just go offline and fight the NPC … or is that too much to ask?
By Anonymous
Then they'd have to fight by themselves. You know... actually play the game rather than having strangers do it for you.
By Anonymous
this boss is weird because it's the least fun boss if you're the one fighting it, but one of the most fun things in the game if you're playing as it
By Anonymous
To the other covenant members who always defends ganking: "bRuH iT's JuSt A gAmE, iT's WoRkInG aS iNtEnDeD. ThE gAmE iS mEaNt tO bE pLaYeD ThIs wAy, yOu'Re ThE oNe InVaDiNg, bLa BlA bLa..."

Doesn't sound that good now that it doesn't favor you, does it? Feel free to demonstrate your hypocrisy via your dislikes.
By Anonymous
lmao I'm just gonna play this boss offline
By Anonymous
Just Dry Finger and go all gangsta on they ***.
By Anonymous
Everybody gangsta until ganking gets nullified.
By Anonymous
This covenant is the most demoralizing thing I’ve ever faced ngl. Sorry that I’m interesting and don’t just LKSS or PKCS every play through ;)
By Anonymous
As a side note no I don’t summon for this fight. I know it’s a death sentence
By Anonymous
Git Gud
By Anonymous
Judicator argo just released his new soundtrack: "another gank bites the dust" ft. Chosen undead
By Anonymous
what is the point to wearing the covenant if you get summoned anyway
By Anonymous
You get priority to be summoned plus you don't need to use a sign or orb which will most likely get you into some other form of multiplayer. Getting summoned without any sign, orb or covenant item is extremely rare so this is the best way to guarantee this as the only form of multiplayer.
By Anonymous
Young grass dew.
By Anonymous
You guys are getting summoned?
By Anonymous
If you DO want to be summoned for this covenant without equipping it, you can put down a password sign somewhere to avoid being summoned by other folks.

Re: august 21, I get summoned pretty often if I hang out near the spear monument at ~sl90. Definitely a "have on in the background while doing something else" kinda covenant but I would say I usually get a hit every 5-10 minutes at most, usually more often.
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