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By Anonymous
Why does he use a dark katana if he's part of the church, an organization that hates the dark?
By Anonymous
Fight poison with poison, i guess.
By Anonymous
Honestly man all you *******s talkin bout how this is such an amazing boss need to stop circle jerking and realize that some people are just bad at PvP. Trust me I am decent at PvE (1300 hours across dark souls 1, 2, and 3) but can’t PvP for the life of me, mainly because I hate meta weapons and like being interesting. This is honestly such a demoralizing boss to me and makes me dread the dlc every time I enter because one of my favorite bosses lies behind it…
By Anonymous
offline mode
By Anonymous
Offline mode loser
By Anonymous
just play offline, that's what the option is there for
holy **** what a loser
By Anonymous
You don’t need to be a spear of the church or be trying to invade someone to be summoned in this fight. My friend was a sunlight Bro with his sign outside of midir boss room and was summoned.
By Anonymous
There are two ways to be summoned. One is of course have the covenant equipped. The other is to simply be in the Ringed City after picking up the covenant. Your chances of being summoned increases if you put your white or red sign down.
By Anonymous
Actually, you don't even need the covenant item. I only reached the second bonfire of the ringed city and already got summoned twice to be the boss.
By Anonymous
More like Pip-squeak, Embarrassment of the Church...
By Anonymous
A lone host: i let the painting guardian die and do the duel bow gesture.

A 4 men gank: attacking non-stop, healing inside the spear fragment zone and point down once dead.

That's my way of being halflight. You choose, host of embers.
By Anonymous
You aren’t the only Halflight. Nobody’s going to follow your arbitrary rules, so don’t expect them to. Most Halflights already use their poise and heals to the limit, and there is no honor in that.
By Anonymous
i didn't even knew it was a real boss it was so easy others may find this one hard but not me as i can see i am happy i found the ring that increases stamina fast that it maybe what helped me the most
By Anonymous
Seriously just fight the offline one he’s so much easier than some sweatlord. I killed him with exactly 2 parries and the hornet ring
By Anonymous
-1 INT players like to cheat as spears. I had one summoned with 100 in every stat and godmode on, why would one even need godmode at an impossinle SL lmao
By Anonymous
You will actually want to summon 3 phantoms to give the spear player a fair advantage.
By Anonymous
i killed him alone and first try
By Anonymous
The worst mistake you can make going into this boss fight is to have 3 phantoms, with one being Patches
By Anonymous
I just had a heart attack. I got summoned in to be the spear of the church when I laid my white sign nowhere near the fight and haven't even progressed that far.
I'm so confused...
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