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By Anonymous
Be smart and listen to the wiki regarding the loyce souls. Farm them early, before beating the boss. Just bone out or whatever it is you do, when the King is on his way. By then the knights will all be dead. It's a much less painful experience with the help of summons. And yeah, much better drop rate too.
Pro tip; You can skip the black separation crystal if using the miracle Homeward.
By Anonymous
the boss himself is fun to fight, but not the charred loyce knights.
By Anonymous
I really like this boss fight but the chore of getting the Frog Knights is always a bit tedious
By Anonymous
For this part, just to confirm:
"4. Boss seems to be completely resistant to poison. However his minions get poisoned with around 3 toxic clouds, so all 3 poison spells [poison cloud , toxic cloud, dark fog] and poison builds are viable here. (Boss can be poisoned, he has an extremely high resistance to poison, though. Needed around 15 hits or so with a Poison infused Spotted Whip at 50 ADP. Some more testing maybe?)"

Just tried to Dark Fo(k)g him with 8 fogs ready, Old Iron King's Crown and chugging Crimson Water, just for science. He did not seem to care at all after 30+ spam casts.
I guess he is actually immune to those and the only way to poison him is with really fast hitting poison weapons.
He's a joke for a dark build tho (as most of the game is ofc.)
By Anonymous
You should try play Barbie if its too dificult for you bro
By Anonymous
in what part did he say it was difficult dumbass
By Anonymous
This boss has exactly two steps.
1) Going in blind and getting passed around like the prison b*tch.
2) Looking it up, then watching from the sidelines while the friendly knights sort it out.
By Kaptin
Ngl you guys complain too much, you should instead simply git gud
By Anonymous
It's okay, bro. From can do five minutes without you keeping their dong wet.
By Anonymous
10 out 10 boss. Has a good boss fight and has good lore.
By Anonymous
when you order the fumew knight on wish you will probably get this fella here
By Anonymous
Honestly the entire DLC is just poorly made. Gank fights, whatever the outskirts is suppose to be, boss locked behind a game of hide and seek taking several hours, weird hitboxes on any of the tigers to fight where avoiding a hit feels more like rolling dice. Sure i would really enjoy beating the game, but i would much prefer playing a game, not working as a McDonalds employee and getting the order wrong kinda experience. Weak game, sotfs did not correct it.
By Anonymous
Git gud casual
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
He's right though, he's clearly struggling because he can't play very well. So git gud is correct casuals.
By Anonymous
Yep, just git gud it ain't that bad
By Anonymous
Get good chico boy
By Anonymous
Brain damaged fanboys are downvoting you, but you're absolutely correct. This DLC is a summation of everything wrong with Dark Souls 2.
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By Grim_Reaper
DLCs feel like they belong to another game. The game DS2 was supposed to be.
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