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By Anonymous
Same with resin variants. Low SL players would have use for these against certain bosses or pvp.
By Anonymous
Because LBundle is a bit op for low lvl builds.
By Anonymous
I'm correcting myself. You can buy infinite amount of these from Shrine Handmaiden after giving her a specific ash (Xanthuous I believe). I checked her after giving her Xan and Eastern ashes.
By Anonymous
You gave her a Xanax?
By Anonymous
after purchasing all the 6 in stock from Dreamchaser's Ashes i went ahead and got the Xanthous Ashes and stock was still 0. Could be a bug.
By Anonymous
It's in a different stack. The 0 stacks never get removed.
By Lenorias
Need dlc bundlesPale bundleHuman bundleRotten bundleAnd frost resin + bundlePlez.
By Anonymous
They aren't in. For frost, you'll want to use the spell to make your weapon gain Frost. Quite good for rapid attack weapons actually, like dual bandit daggers and gotthard's swords.
By Anonymous
No***** they aren't in. They were saying they should be in. Which I agree.
By Anonymous
I'm glad you didn't put Carthus Bundle in that
By Anonymous
Oh you tragic thing...
By Anonymous
Really good for early sl invasions. You have time to apply BUNDLES NOT RESIN when you parry a casual r1 spammer.
By Anonymous
Resin is better for ganks. Bundle's are better 1v1. Just use lightning blade lol.
By Anonymous
its good for all level invasions
By Anonymous
"jUSt uSE liGHTninG BLADe lOl" lightning blade requires high faith to be good, so no I'm not going to invest 50+ stats into faith for 235 lightning damage.
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By Souless_FOX
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it's good for all levels and ganks. For ganks just use it when you see an opportunity to deal a large amount of damage in a short time or if you have a large sweeping weapon that can hit everyone
By Anonymous
I'm gonna try this on midir head