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By Anonymous
It's really hard for me to try and justify why this isn't a spell intended for the early game, to later be replaced with better buff spells as they become available.

As a damage buff it's pretty lacking - ignoring the problems with splitting damage (which admittedly you shouldn't really do), in order for this to outclass a 100 damage buff, the buffed weapon would need over 1.3k physical (assuming my maths is correct, which it might not be :p). The utility of being able to permakill skeletons is nice, except if you're doing intended progression you get this spell after the areas where that comes into play, and you have to keep re-applying the spell whereas a regular blessed infused weapon can do the same without upkeep. Even with really high spell buff the passive healing generally amounts to less than a +0 estus flask after waiting the entire duration.

For one more point in faith and 5 extra FP you could be using the Sunlight Straight Sword's weapon art, which:
- Provides a higher damage buff (reportedly 11.5% vs 7.5%)
- Boosts damage from ALL sources, rather than just physical AR (spells included)
- Isn't restricted to a single weapon
- Can boost the damage of non-buffable weapons
- Can be used alongside weapon buffs / resins / infusions
- Doesn't use a spell slot
- Applies to allies as well
- And, frustrating enough, is unlocked at the same point as Blessed Weapon!

I've not done the maths to work out whether the extra absorption vs Blessed Weapon's healing is better, but at least in my mind the Sunlight Straight Sword completely outclasses Blessed Weapon.
By Anonymous
Good for a physical quality build. Lower faith requirements than the other buffs without splitting damage
By Anonymous
Probably really good with Great Mace and other "Ultra Great" weapons for a hefty 700AR. So in other words, use it like the Cathedral Knights.
By Anonymous
slap this on heavy infused twinaxes + millwood shield + sun princess ring = destuction
By Anonymous
beyblade beyblade let it rip!!
By Anonymous
heavy twinaxes alone are broken. the added life regen is just icing on the cake but if you really want to push it you can use the weapon art chime from the ringed city with the spell that increases your life regen and just not have to estus. great sunbro idea where you can bring only ashen and just heal your host during a boss
By Anonymous
Very good filler slot for a Str/Dex build at lower levels as you get 1 Atn slot if you start with K***ht.
By Anonymous
Yes, if your second boss can be the Dancer, it could be a good.
By Anonymous
I love Knights
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