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By Anonymous
I don't know why this guide described it as a mission impossible. I successfully reached the core in my first playthrough -- even before I learned that it will release Deathfog if you don't get there in time.

The stage design is so obvious that I don't believe anyone would not see the association of haste switch and the time race. Just activate switch first, then have your Scoundrel character lead the way. Cast Clock and Dagger on the top of stairs then move to the core normally. You still get a lot of AP left if you have Glass Cannon or at least Adrenaline.

And if you don't have any assassins in the team, unchain your Aero mage and stay behind at the poison trap area; when combat starts, switch to the mage and cast teleport on your leading character. This will move your leading character just next to the core.
By Anonymous
Not sure why so much fuzz about this location. On my 1st playthrough I didn't even know about hyper protocol. When entered the final room, picked an obvious dialog option - reach the core - used haste to get rid of slow and it took me about 3AP to deactivate it.
By Anonymous
No need to bother with all that . Use character with Vulture Armor to fly to pipe on other side of waypoint . Follow it around then fly up to orb deck. disable in 1 turn easily . ( Vulture Armor earned at Mordus excavation site, if you don't have ) .
By Anonymous
If you have a character that has both jump skill and a flight skill you can do both in one turn
By Anonymous
I don't know why is this supposed to be complicated. with moving a few boxes around and 5 thievery you reach the hyperdrive valve, activate it, run to the last gate, blink once as far as you can and dialogue starts, dialogue ends, blink twice and you're on the orb, click, done.
By Anonymous
The guide here is being so unhelpful and waste of time. Just grab your rouge and it cost you like 3 ap to reach the core. I saved you 10 mins reading the unhelful guide written by a bunch of conflicting editors (who probably did not know existence of the haste valve, walking in the room slowed, and claiming it takes many turns to reach the core)
By Anonymous
what do i do if i don't generally wear rouge?
By Anonymous
I loved the hitchhikers guide reference!
By Anonymous
I didn't have to renounce my god. After deactivating the core (via the pipes run), I used the altar. Xantessa appeared, said simply "Moon." I accepted the answer immediately without question (option 1), she saluted me and walked off.
By Anonymous
You don't HAVE to, but it gives you the option to if you actually want to talk
By Anonymous
Where do I find the imp ghost
By Anonymous
rivellon's first computer?
By Anonymous
If you go back from the starting point and follow the pipe, you should be able to reach an area where you can easily teleport one of the characters to reach the core.
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