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By Anonymous
Let see how much it cost
.Artorias sword curse(NG+)Sif Soul
. Artorias sword divine(NG++)Sif Soul
.Artorias Shield (NG)Sif Soul
.Quelaag's Furysword(NG)Quelaag's Soul
.Chaos Blade(NG+)Quelaag's Soul
.Darkmoon Bow(NG)Gwyndolin Soul
.Tin Darkmoon Catalyst(NG+)Gwyndolin Soul
.Lifehunt Scythe(NG)Perscila Soul
.Golem Axe(NG)Golem Soul
.Dragon Bone Fist(NG+)Golem Soul
.Dragonslayer Spear(NG)Ornstein Soul,
.Smough's Hammer(NG+)Smogh Soul
.Great Lord Greatsword(NG+)Gwyn Soul
‌Total titanite shard =86.400
‌total large titanite =410.400
‌upgrade +1 to +10 need 2.000 soul per weapon =24.000
‌Ascend to boss weapon need 5.000 per weapon =60.000
‌opsional :buying demon spear ,stone greatsword giant halberd and crescent axE will cost you = 45.000
‌TOTAL =630.400
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
(Ps4) Hi, can someone drop me the weapons?
By Anonymous
Jesus no do it yourself lazy ***.
By Anonymous
Thanks for the advice I can do it because of you.
By Anonymous
Collect them all in one character, I already got them (trust me).
By Anonymous
#16358032 now i take this all
By Anonymous
got every item on the list, still no achievement.
By Anonymous
Sux 2 b u
By Anonymous
Try moving some items to the bottomless box at a bonfire then taking them back, that should work if you actually have all the wrapons.
By Anonymous
Shooting the tail for the Drake Sword in NG+ on your 6th playthrough hits a little different to when you first got it as a crutch.
By Anonymous
For my first new game i cut down with Uchigatana when i arrived there. Five cut on that level and done
By Hereforthetrophies
Anyone willing to drop me the items for this trophy? I’m on ps4. Psn is Nemo1again.
By Anonymous
Lazy fool get it yourself. Nobody is going to drop you every boss weapon and rare weapon in the game.
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