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By Anonymous
I didn't craft on my NG playthrough but I now realise this is the weapon that was hurled through the gates before you fight Phalanx!
By Anonymous
Oh, so that's why someone called it a "coward's weapon", yeah I can see that now... Kinda fits.
By Anonymous
so thats why ma weapon was "broken" after he killed me
By Anonymous
This weapon turns the game into a bully simulator
By Anonymous
Me and this weapon have a nice toxic relationship ( :
By Anonymous
I just started the remake, but I played the original.

Only time I busted out the Scraping Spear was when I invaded a fire storm scrub. At that point it became a point to cause as much grief to people that didn't know how to play other than "spam spice and spam a button".

FS was overpowered at SL 120-140. If that changed, and it's balanced, I might put my build on a diet and drop this weapon.
By Anonymous
This weapon is why the online section of this game is dead.
By Anonymous
Ah yes, a weapon that reduces opponents durability...great idea, totally won’t be abused in any way.
By Anonymous
Best troll weapon ever lmao
By Anonymous
Ive been invaded tons of these scraping spear wielders many times that i mastered how to parry them

so yeah come at me with that spear and see what happens lmao
By Anonymous
Probably i will switch weapons or parry you