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By Anonymous
I’m just glad they’re adding twinblades.
By Anonymous
Come on guys did any of you actually expect anything other than more nerfs to the invasion system? FromSoftware have been steadily trivialising the mechanic for mainstream accessibility with each release after DS1. DS2 removed the infinite use orb and added soul memory, Bloodborne was the first to remove the ability to be invaded solo and made true twinking the most difficult to achieve because of the dungeons and lastly DS3 added the weapon matchmaking to outright disable overpowered twinking and turned the invasions into massive gank fights every time. I’m more surprised that they didn’t go even harder on it for Elden Ring but they might still. It’s a shame because 1 v 1 invasions where both players are equal in equipment and damage are the best you can have but it’s obvious FromSoftware wish it didn’t exist at this point and probably feel obligated to add it to every game.
By Anonymous
No!, i totally refuse agaisn't getting rid of solo invasions
By Anonymous
Step on me
By Anonymous
Funny how the character is called the tarnished this time around seeing as Bandai Namco tarnished literally every f’ing game FromSoft tried to make while contracted with them prior.
By Anonymous
Pls no more mistakes with spells like acid surge, make every spell reliable
By Anonymous
The title reminds me of that hilarious issue FromSoftware ran into way back when they wanted to name Dark Souls as “Dark Ring” but found out it was slang for a s s in England.
By n1emesis
Waiting for Elden Ring? Here, join the queue:
By Anonymous
Dark souls 3 again? wow such hype...
By Anonymous
I’ll be hated for saying this and that’s okay but I really really don’t like the style of music in later FS games with the very epic all out choirs and stuff. I think the biggest example I could use would be Lady Maria’s OST, that first minute and 15 seconds is absolute magic to me but it only serves as the build up and I lose all interest in everything that comes after. It’s why the original demon’s souls OST is my favourite and there’s no nostalgia involved either because I played most of the others before it. It’s the only thing I’m genuinely not looking forward to in Elden Ring because it’ll be guaranteed to follow in the same style as the later games and of course most people want that anyway and it’s a very subjective issue at the end of the day.
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