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By Anonymous
As I posted on the other CV wiki: As a minor thing, TMK, the one and only time you can see her real face without her mask, is AFTER beating Virgin Born and getting the true ending (where you end up back at Home Base). Talk to everyone, and then go into the hot springs. She'll show up right after you in a towel, no mask. She's got a scar across her nose, falls asleep almost immediately after entering the hot springs for about a minute or so, then wakes up & stretches while looking around. I've never seen her show up at any other time.
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By Fallenangel700
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I've seen her in there before. You don't need to beat the true ending to get her to show up.
By Anonymous
As soon as I got to the base I went to the hot spring and she came.
By Anonymous
What does "exploring" mean? (to unlock weapons) I beat the boss of ruined city center, howling pit, and dried up trenches + 100% map and I only have the basic weapons + those from ruined city underground. It's getting a little frustrating I hope it's not a bug on my save.
By Anonymous
I think she adds them to her inventory when you actually find the item. So for example she won’t just add the prayer shawl after you’ve explored the pit, but after you find the prayer shawl that is in the pit she’ll add it to her inventory
By Anonymous
^What he said. You need to find a weapon to unlock it for sale at Murasame's - same for veils.
By Anonymous
Gives Hephaestus Blood Code when you reach the Crypt Spire.
By Anonymous
Why is it that the U.S has to sensor over sexualized things for japan but they cant sensor over sexualized little girls in the U.S in skimpy outfits, outright disgusting shes only 16 and then you have mia clearly loli b8 saying "shes 18 we swear" type deal, i just want anime dark souls not loli souls
By Anonymous
Calm down, we don't need SJWs ruining the soulslike genre too. She has hardly any screen time.
By Anonymous
nothing better to do than preach sjw bull*****about fictional video game characters? what a mundane existence you lead
By Anonymous
That’s japan mate. You can find a Loli in almost every *****ing anime out there. Deal with it and Adjust. If you don’t pike it. Don’t *****in play it. Twat.
By Anonymous
While I agree that nothing should be censored, I also think this game would be more enjoyable if it wasn't so sexualized.
By Anonymous
Leave that SJW nonsense at the doorstep. If you dont like it make your own game. Cant stand people like you, its rated M. Yet its ok to play Mortal Kombat and have peoples limbs ripped in slow motion. Do us a favor and stay off of video games if you cant respect the artistry behind their vision. Dont buy it if you dont support it.
By Anonymous
just about every other replier here is a degenerate
By Anonymous
No your the only degenerate here sjw twat
By Anonymous
Censorship is why games like this are so much better than games made by American companies these days. So long as people will pay for it, it should be made.
By Anonymous
she was 16 2-3 years ago when she was enlisted into the military before the queen. she was 16 at the start of the great collapse.

also how the **** is a lightly dressed shorty "ruining the game" for you? if her wearing a t-shirt is seriously the only thing PREVENTING you from enjoying the game, that says more about your own issue.
By Anonymous
From what i remember she was quite young when she died and transformed into a revenant, so she kept her 16 years old appearance, but continues to grow in her mind, also she is jsut wearing a black bra, you can see worst at the beach every summer.
Revenant are not humans , so stop trying to apply bullshiet and dumb idea to fictional vampire like characters.
By Anonymous
Look Japanese censorship mainly focuses on extreme gore, America on the other hand is somewhat vague. Sometimes it doesn't censore at all and sometimes it blur/remove the most mundane stuff.
By Anonymous
"she's only 16" as if anyone who isn't a fringe b-cluster idiot gives a **** lmao
By Anonymous
She is 16!?!
I’m only 15 so I still gotta chance?
By Anonymous
A lot of pedos in this comments section defending this child in a bikini. Yikes.
By Anonymous
Mia isnt a ****ing loli LOLOLOLOLOL where the **** do you see a loli in her shes just short bc shes 16
By Anonymous
The fact that some people here actually think its ok to defend a loli is actually baffling
By Anonymous
"Oh no! cute and funny in my game! Whatever shall I do?"

The like/dislike ratio on this comment has restored my faith in humanity.
By Anonymous
This girl needs to stop wearing her mask in the HQ... there's no miasma there.
By Anonymous
Trade enough and you will get Queen steel from her
By Anonymous
Why the heck does she give us her blood code so late? She was there from the beginning. It would saved me a lot of time grinding for gift mastery.