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By Anonymous
Does going into ng+ reset world tendency to neutral?
By Anonymous
No, world tendency carries over. Pretty easy to set to neutral by just killing the named black phantom of a world though.
By Anonymous
Different guy from above, is the ng+ difficulty increase capped? Like if you ng+'ed 11 times, does it carry over for the 12th ng+?
By Anonymous
I believe it’s capped at ng+6 in demon’s souls which is playthrough 7
By Anonymous
What a great mechanic - being in soul form at any point you get invaded either by R1 spammers with crusher or mage buff meta firestorm. Instantly negates the +30 you get from killing a boss which you can't easily get back if you're going for PWWT. Suppose it's my fault for not instantly going back to nexus and throwing myself off the top. I love Souls and that includes this beautiful remake but honestly what a garbage mechanic
By Anonymous
The mechanic is fantastic but it’s triggers are unpolished. The tendency events are my favourite parts of each play through but having to kill yourself in the nexus after a boss is silly.
By Anonymous
If defeating a boss granted you a stone of ephemeral eyes it would be perfect. You could choose whether you wanted to go into body form or not without having to celebrate with a leap of faith in the nexus. I understand that FS wanted players to risk black world tendency but the mechanic is so obscure that it would still be possible without forcing you into body form and 11 years later this was the perfect chance for bluepoint to really polish the mechanic with these minor changes but they just didn’t. I wonder if they’ll patch the remake again at some point because it really needs and deserves it.
By Anonymous
I love this mechanic
By Anonymous
Maybe I'm just super blind, but can someone tell me the difference between the BWT and PBWT symbols? The symbol in my world tendency status looks the same or at least very very similar as the PBWT one here, but Rydell's phantom isn't spawning
By Anonymous
Pure white will have an almost golden glow to it and beams of lift coming out either side of the marker
Pure black has purplish red floating around in front of it, they take a few seconds before they become visible when you first load in
By jsometie94
Really wish they would have made co-op and invasions effect world tendency for host and phantoms as a way to keep the online community active.
By Anonymous
But that would make sense, why would they make a tendancy system that is user friendly and make sense?
By Anonymous
I'm PureWhite World tendancy in all, but when I couldnt get ceramic coind in 4-1, I seem I'm one notch off PureWhite. I must have died in body form in ng+ without recalling. I'm trying to get all the PureWhite coins and the PWWT as well. I'd love for somone to invade me in 4-1 so I can **** to white in world and character. I'd be happy to return the favor. FWIW: I'n never invaded, but would be happy to learn how

Message me so we can set it up
PSN: jetguat
By Anonymous
Not sure if I'm late or not, but sure man. My Psn is LoganYach
By jetguat
I just read that with patch , that invading using black stone and password based server doesnt work anymore. Anyone hear try that. If thats true. how best to get to PWCT? do you have to go all black by killing NPC. then trying to kill the black NPC to get back to white?

do you need a new ng+ in between? or can you kill off some ingame npc to black... and then the black NPC will be there in the same play thru?
By jetguat
Is there someone that can help me in Shrine of Storms. I need one kill to regain PWWT, but I would like a couple to also gain PWCT. Please please. PSN jetguat
By Anonymous
I have been dying a lot against 3-2 boss (always in soul form, in NG+ ) and at some point my world tendency rised and got pure white... thanks game it made it much easier ^^
By Anonymous
Thanks for sharing. I had exactly the same experience, but in the first run (NG). I wonder if there is a hidden mechanism.
By Anonymous
I lost PWWT in 4. Need to regain that and reach PWCT.

Help me with invade and I'll help you.

PSN: jetguat
By Anonymous
This might actually be the worst place to ask for tendancy help. Go to the discord.
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