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Go to the starting point on the map. Choose Hut. Choose Store House. Press L3 button on ps4 (this is the toggle run button in most games, not sure for pc/xbox) to switch to your inventory. Select the Book of Reincarnation and you will finally be able to F-ing use it.
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Not all heroes wear capes
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This is the real info I've been searching for. Thanks!
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Thank you. F u c k me, all that bs info on top and nothing on how to actually use it. Would be nice if the game actually explained it too.
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Buy extras to quickly get Blacksmith Loyalty points.
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You can also get it from a Sudama
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You can't get rid of them outside of using the dumb things. They're the best money sink Toyo has to offer and I'm already drowning in them because Sudamas apparently think I need to reset my skills
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1st purchase: 10,000 gold
2nd purchase: 30,000 gold
3rd purchase: 100,000 gold
4th purchase: 300,000 gold
5th purchase: 1,000,000 gold
Every purchase after is also 1,000,000 gold
You can carry a max of 10
Purchasing 10 will easily get you to max level with Toyo. You will have about 20 levels extra with her by your 10th.
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So I was using this thing until I notice that my lightning omamori's main skill (which is lightning resist) is un-locked and free for me to replace it with any other ability, so now I can customize that one omamori with other effects. Is this some sort of bug? my game version is 1.27.02.