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By Anonymous
wonder if pinwheel pays nito rent for living in the catacombs like on a Tuesday nito goes to get the milk and on Friday pinwheel does it
By Anonymous
I went in expecting a medium difficulty boss, so I used my +5 Black Knight Sword... lyeah I 3 shotted this joke of a boss, late game weapons usually 1-5 shot him, so if you're going for Nito don't worry about dying, just rush him and spam attacks, no strategy required. Also I got Giant Dad mask first try so that's a plus lol
By Anonymous
Is he guaranteed to drop a mask when killed? I just killed him and he only dropped the rite of kindling, no mask.
By Anonymous
It will be dropped on the floor where the boss died
By Anonymous
Witches of Hemwick was harder than this fool.
By Anonymous
nitos room mate
By Anonymous
I have a challenge, try to make a build that has trouble fighting Pinwheel
By Anonymous
deprived, SL 5, main weapon fist and main shield fist, hollowed, cursed, poisoned, toxic and bleeding. 85% chance you'll lose. Do you see how much it requires to lose?
By Anonymous
Deprived starts at SL 6
By Anonymous
Fun fact: Pinwheel is actually the result of a father trying to save his family and in doing so unintentionally fused them together, now he is trying to reverse his mistake but you kill him and his family before he can, have fun you monster!
By Anonymous
Every god damn thing in the fromsoftware games are like that
By Anonymous
no regrets
By Anonymous
Well, they are not optional. So the game literally forced you to be a monster.
By Anonymous
Why are there three heads why the hell not.
By Slowmocean
Created a (non-mage) twink build to up the difficulty of Giant Dad / Havel Mom / Boulder Child wannabees that make the run right after the Asylum.

I'm having a lot of fun and getting a surprising amount of invasions. They are more of a race than a duel; if they can make it to Pinwheel before I get them they win a mask!
By Anonymous
Weakness: anything Strengths: being a joke
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