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By Anonymous
So it's really only the weapon art that makes this sword usable right? Because without it it's just a straight sword with mediocre damage.
By Anonymous
It also has the best range of any other straight sword besides Gotthards. Even if it had the same weapon art as most other SS, it would still be the best SS option for a strength-leaning quality build, in my opinion. And it's one of the coolest looking weapons in the game.
By Anonymous
It’s WA is decent as a utility tool for roll spammers. Wouldn’t suggest it as a main weapon but rather something you wanna pull out in the heat of battle and surprise your opponent withZ
By Anonymous
So you can't farm these? :/
By Anonymous
No. You can only pick up another sword on ng+
By Anonymous
Nope. DLC weapons are only 1 per playthrough, even if the common enemies carry them. It's stupid, I know.
By Anonymous
i miss bonfire ascetics :(
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