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By Anonymous
If I kill him then buy dark miracles from irina, does she still disappear?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
"If you’ve any sense, you’ll go find a coffin to huddle up inside."
Were I to simply lay down and die, IT WOULD NOT PLEASE MALACATH!
By Anonymous
*radio operator voice* I've located the orc, over.
By Anonymous
Best waifu
By Anonymous
demons souls refernce
By Anonymous
Did I just get one-shot by a guy I’m edgy armor because he did an AOE attack
By Anonymous
Oh look it's Guts and Casca
By Anonymous
basically this guy makes crystal sage harder instead of easier
By Anonymous
Who needs summons for Crystal sage?
By Anonymous
Tfw you fall in love with Eygon before you know he dies.
By Anonymous
so even if a enemy hits him he gets aggroed so i just ended up killing him at lvl 12
By Anonymous
You could've requested absolution at statue of velka in the sewer next to his original location.
By Anonymous
I summoned his for Crystal sage but instead had him carry me for the entire Woods, damn he can tank and hit like a truck. All I did was spam heal and quick step. Feels so dirty letting him do all the work lol. *Playing in mod*
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