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By Anonymous
The Super Cheap Ranged Strategy don’t seem to work now (PS5 remake). No matter how close you are to the fog gate, his bar is active and one hit with an arrow draws his attention.

Cheapest strategy is:
Thief ring on.
Enter and wait for him to walk to the middle then turn away.
Sneak up and stand at the top of the stairs (just off the end of the blue rug).
Lock on and keep using Poison Cloud. He won’t turn around
By Anonymous
It’s a shame he looks like an elderly man in the remake when the point of the false king is to represent allant in his strongest and most intimidating state. They didn’t care about the games visuals at all but stayed faithful to the gameplay even keeping bad enemy AI and pvp issues in which needed tweaks unlike the games aesthetic. I just don’t understand the thought process behind any of it.
By Anonymous
In what alternate universe does it look like they didn't change the aesthetics?
By Anonymous
Can I use this boss battle to push my tendency to pure white, then double back through the entrance instead of touching the arch stone & starting NG+?. I need to get the ceramic coins from world one still & I haven't done any Black tendency play through yet... I don't want to start the NG+ until I've acquired everything possible on my first play through.
By Anonymous
you can leave the final area with the maiden by using evacuate miracle or an archstone shard. you just cant level up
By Anonymous
Uh... This game seems... dead. Community fizzled in a flash.
By Anonymous
That was always going to happen without gameplay and multiplayer refinements. Even little details like making backstabs not trigger on a player who has rolled instead of going through the full animation without dealing damage would add so much flow to fights instead of them being buggy messes. It’s embarrassing to have demon’s souls bad jank be revived on the ps5 without any polishing
By Anonymous
The community is limited due to lack of PS5’s. I think it’ll get better once the consoles are more readily available.
By Anonymous
thast because no one has a ****ing ps5.

if the game was avaiable in ps4 too then it would anpther story
By Anonymous
Is there any way to get down from the "Throne of the False King" archstone? Seems like the elevator is out of order lol
By Anonymous
Funny ! I beat the game a first time, then started a NG+.
I arrived in 1-1 and got invaded and killed.
I re-popped in old king alant’s arena and he was standing, doing nothing.
So I kicked his *** while he was standing.

I wanted to go back to the elevator and it triggered the boss cinematic and the fight started... with no opponent.
By Anonymous
0 effort strategy: thief's ring > wait until he turns his back > poison cloud (you can aim at the roof to arc it from far away) be sure to stock up on the magic sniff juice > do this a bunch of times
By Anonymous
ah sorry its already under magic strategiess my bad
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It’s interesting how the game sets this boss up to be final but it doesn’t have to be. You can choose any of the 5 arch demon’s as your final boss of the game.
By Anonymous
It's deceptive. The true form of Allant is still the ultimate boss below the Nexus.
Since the link to the true King Allant is broken, here's a piece of his dialogue : "Surely you have seen for yourself… the pain and suffering that fills this world! But fight poison with poison. God is merciful, and so, created the Old One. The Old One will feed upon our souls, and put an end to our tragic realm of existence!"
Allant wants to end this world for good. He thinks no one wants to keep going on but that's only his assumption.
God's perspective is aptly left ambiguous because that's how Souls games are, there is no definitive answer about which choice is the correct one. In the end, you represent the common man, the people, and many aspiring heroes before you tried to save the world, only for their souls to end up food for you or the Demons.
If you choose to save the world, the Soul arts disappear, and you become another monumental.
If you choose to doom the world, you become another Allant, ending the world's suffering by destroying it.
By Anonymous
i've just killed this guy 3 times in a row as a blue phantom and none my character or world tendency variated. why is this?
By Anonymous
You must be in your world to shift character tendency by killing invaders or special black phantoms.

You can only shift tendency in your world by killing invaders, special black phantoms, primeval demons, and bosses.