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By Erick_of_Astora
Rating weapons based on looks:
The cross looking blade is just outstanding
By Anonymous
This ''weapon'' has shorter range than demon's spear, doesn't hit as hard as demon's greataxe and not even fast like uchigatana.

By Anonymous
I'm sorry but your opinion is wrong
By Anonymous
wow sounds like someone got ganked by somebody wielding this too many times. giantdads got you down my confused buddy?
By Anonymous
You said a dex weapon is gud
Homosexuality confirmed
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
As a fresh Casul, I have a humble question: the damage of the Chaos-Zwei is really impressive, but can I also use it to injure opponents who are immune to fire? So spider witch and CD?
By Anonymous
It's very ineffective against enemies with fire immunity such as Quelaag
By Anonymous
As mentioned above, if you use it on fire-resistant enemies, Chaos becomes very inefficient. But since it still does physical damage, you can still use it on Quelaag, Centipede and CD. However, I prefer the Lightning variant, as very few opponents are resistant to lightning.
By Anonymous
The legend never dies…
By pelida77
PVE it's a great weapon probably one of the best. PVP I'd say it's a mid-tier weapon? maybe good, is not a bad weapon but not Top Tier for sure.
If you choose to fight with this on PVP you must learn to go Unlock sometimes; because Lock fighting an opponent with a Zweidi it's quite dangerous. The weapon is kind of slow, that makes it parryable (and all around punishable), it has the same issues that all Ultra Greatswords have: they force you to a certain style of fighting (same can be said about all weapons but is more noticeable with greatswords I think) but this style can really surprise some players.
On the good side, is very powerful, the moveset is ok, and its fantastic for Dead Angles (probably among the best weapons doing that) I've seen players doing amazing things with Lock/Unlock play with a Zweidi. And is always fun.
By Anonymous
Turning anything and everyone into pancakes with this Bass Cannon is a never-ending source of joy and serenity
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Why did my mobile Switch to vibration Mode upon visiting This Page?
By winged_spear_enjoyer
No. No. No. This is all wrong. By the Gods, get this filthy piece of iron away from my eyes. This barbaric lump of metal is no paragon for the triumphant WINGED SPEAR.
By Anonymous
Filthy Casul. but there is yet hope! join the poise breaking guild of ULTRA GREATSWORDS!!!
By Anonymous
Great Hammers > Ultra Greatswords
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