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By Anonymous
I released the dwarf then didn't kill him but damaged and healed him until Mor left his body then fought through the battle where Mor possessed my characters multiple times until it died.
The dwarf thanked me by revealing the Secret of the treasure marked on the map with the name Adventurer's Hidden Stash.
I tried it multiple times and it didn't work when I used saves during the fight.
Playing on Definitive Edition.
By Anonymous
I had to ask the dwarf multiple times, then he revealed the secret and disappeared. When I went to the spot I just found a coin purse with a few GP.
By Anonymous
I don't see the silver bars I just picked up in my inventory. What??
By Anonymous
So its locked behind scholar tag, great I'm in a lone wolf play through, can't do anything.
By Anonymous
Hahaha loser
By Anonymous
I tried using a silver cup in the ancient forge just for heck of it and it made a lever as well. Apparently any silver ingredient works but they intend you to use the supplied bars.
By Anonymous
If you’re playing solo, to save Mor, heal and buff him and run to a safe distance to avoid being possessed. He will defeat the demon and you’ll close the quest with experience and gifts!
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