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By Anonymous
With S Faith scaling at +9 Blessed, this baby is your one-stop shop for martial Cleric builds. Poke poke poke
By Anonymous
So does this provide poise? Some people use it on their back for some reason
By Anonymous
Refer to the Notes and Tips section.
By Anonymous
Many people say Partizan is better than Lothric Spear but I find this spear suits me well. Long reach attack, Long reach jump attack. Super funny running attack. The running one works well with terrains, I have pushed many guys off the cliff. Although its easy to be parried but still very fun to play.
By Anonymous
Was playing a pyromancer and this dropped from the very first knight wielding the spear near the high wall of lothric. Of course when I want one with a herald build the RNG hates me.
By Anonymous
Blessed infusion attains S scaling in faith at 10+. Not A
By Anonymous
This is especially good in group pvp, as you can reliable hit L2 from behind other friendly players. People rarely manage to dodge them if they're busy dodging someone else. Lots of uses during invasions, while invading yourself + npc enemies, Spear of the Church fights and brawls. Not so much in 1v1 unless you can manage to charge just enough to get them to roll.
By Anonymous
That is only true until you charge into someone using demon greataxe's wa.
By Anonymous
i was thinking...
What if we give this weapon the R2 of the Slashing Spears like Dark Souls 2?
Sweep and Thrust, so not only has a varied moveset, but also one pretty useful one-handed R2 that could mess up Parrying timing even more.
except the Two-Handed R2 tho, the Tracking is too good to change it, maybe a Slashing move after the Strong poke?
By Anonymous
If you haven't realized, pikes are just DS2's lances sporting a new name. They're not spears to function as partizan
By Anonymous
The ringed knight spear is a pike and does those sweeping moves
By Anonymous
The R2 has seemingly limitless tracking. What I mean by this, is that most weapon attacks allow you to change your direction mid swing, in order to correct them if poorly aimed. Either they messed up a value or intentionally made one of the most reliable r2s for rollcatching in this weapon. From the moment you start it to the moment the attack is fully out, you can do a full 360⁰ spin, and a little more. You can spin the entire move around and still hit someone in front of you. If that's not stylish I don't know what is. This is quickly becoming my favorite weapon.
By Anonymous
the R2 can easily rollcatch enemies after the two R1 pokes, tricking also parries since its slower
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