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By Anonymous
most fun katana to use
By Anonymous
I don't know what everyone's saying, this thing slaps. kicked the **** out of a pyromancer in pvp and sister friede, but then again it was my first playthrough so it could get worse.
By Anonymous
When most people judge/rate a weapon, they're referring to PVP. As you can beat the PVE with any weapon once you become a novice at the game. That being said, I have 2k hours in the game and Frayed Blade is still by far my favorite weapon.
By Anonymous
Virgin ds3 player: this weapon sucks
Chad ds3 player : LOL frayed blade has anime weapon artt its best weapon
By Anonymous
Actually bad, and anyone who disagrees is actually stupid and incorrect
By Anonymous
your opinion is invalid
By Anonymous
Yeah the pkcs is better
By Anonymous
How does this katana have a reach higher than it seems and somehow break 50 poise?
By Anonymous
Paid Blade
By Anonymous
Did you pay for base game?
By Anonymous
... no :(
By Anonymous
One of the most satisfying bosses rewards one of the most underwhelming weapons, huh
By Anonymous
I don't get how a katana with the highest AR and one of the most unique (and powerful) weapon arts in the game is underwhelming. Normal katana weapon art is boring as ****, even if it's stylish. The frame data for the parry is worse than almost every other parry tool in the game, and although the dash slash is good in many situations it's still not as versatile as the frayed blade WA.
At least we can both agree that Midir was a satisfying boss :p
By Anonymous
damage don't matter, fashion souls is eternal
By Anonymous
I wonder what katanas are gonna be like in Elden Ring
By Anonymous
Would really like to see the muramasa and murasame, not only in name, but also with unique weapon arts.
By Anonymous

By Anonymous
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