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World map pales in comparison to Ds1. Heck even Ds2 was less linear than this
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DS2 was the least linear game of the entire trilogy. While you can't shortcut through certain levels like in DS1, you can explore any of the 4 major paths at your own leisure. The 4 major paths make up like 70% of the game.
By DemonsSoulsMaster
This game is pretty linear for a stretch in the middle, but that’s about it.
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**** YHORM
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I mean, he's pretty hot, but control yourself.
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dark souls also had a liner map but it is just inter connected
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This couldn't be further from the truth, as you can just about go anywhere pre-Sen's Fortress in any order, your only limit to exploring late game content right out of the Asylum is the Lord Vessel. You can skip way more stuff in 1 than you can in 2, 3 and Demon's Souls just by starting with a Master Key, and even then, you can go most of the way through the Catacombs, the Forest area, back to the Asylum, and almost all of New Anor Londo Ruins without even fighting the first Taurus demon. The only real skip the Master Key provides is letting you go to FPSTown(Blight Town) backwards so you can fight Quelaag first, and that also lets you go all the way to the Dragon Covenant.

DS2 your only options are going to Heide Tower or Forest of Fallen Giants, Lost Bastille is locked behind both of them (you only have to do one of them though), you need a Fragant Branch of Yore to access the Shaded woods and everything it blocks of (which is a good junk of the midgame). Even The Gutter and Black Gulch are locked behind either needing the Ladder maker, or leveling up until you have enough HP and heals to survive the jumps.

DS3 is even more gated than this, where you start out forced to go one way. Even Demon's Souls opens up the first area from every "world" once you complete the first part of the first one. The more games From Software puts out, the more gated they become, and the more they make you unlearn from what Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1 teaches the player, and the more futile it is to rely on Parrying and Rolling. It's like they are going out of their way to make a great idea into a bad implementation with each iteration, or they've forgotten where they came from.
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a bit linear after coming back after playing the other souls games, but still my favorite
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The worst aspect a souls game can ever get: a linear map.
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Not really, just having bad level design the first half
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What're you on about? A. It's a ridiculous statement to begin with, a completely linear experience would still be badass made by From. B. Dark Souls 3 isn't linear. C. I'm going to take a guess that you are butthurt Dark Souls 2 fanboy that is trying to take a jab due to the hate DS2 gets. Snap out of it. DS2 is a subpar experience with clunky mechanics, tons of filler content, and broken game systems. DS1 and DS3 are both better games objectively. However, it's completely alright for you to love DS2 or DS1 over DS3. No need to get hurt over objective truths because gaming is a subjective experience. For example, I know some of the game design of DS1 is better than DS3, but I personally think of DS3 as a better game subjectively. However, I'm not going make up ridiculous claims or falsehoods about the design of any game. I wouldn't be surprised if you were among those that would claim DS2/1 movement mechanics to be cleaner than DS3's. I'm sure I'll also see you flaming Halo Infinite's graphics somewhere else of the Internet lol.
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Anon 25 july - you are obviously a blind fanboy with the typical hate comment of a fanboy. Let me check those points quickly:

A. No. Just because something has a "from software" label next to it doesn't mean is good. In fact, fromsoft did horrible designs in the past, like micolash's bossfight.

B. Dark souls 3 is a STRAIGHT LINE from the first bonfire to yorshka's chapel bonfire. From that point it only splits into 2 dead ends, then goes back to lothric where it becomes yet another straight line. Ariandel suffers from that as well, although it tries to drive you into alternative paths. Only the ringed city managed to make you progress in the same way dark souls 1 did.

C. Where do i start? First you bring out dark souls 2 calling it "subpar experience with clunky mechanics". At least that game doesn't hold up on nostalgia entirely, not as much as dark souls 3 does. "Tons of filler content". Yeah, the whole abyss watcher theme or the "anor londo 2.0" is not filler. Right? "Broken game systems" ever heard of twinks or ganks? Ever heard of the bow glitch? Dumbass. "Ds1 and ds3 are better games objectively" while ds1 is better, ds3 is worse. It's not even a souls game anymore. "No need to get hurt over objective truths because gaming is a subjective experience" obvious contradiction is obvious. "I'm sure i'll also see you flaming halo infinite's graphics somewhere else on the internet lol" do i even need the say how much stupidity this part has?
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Do you fail to realize some of the highest rated games of all time are linear. Being linear is not a downside, it helps strengthen other aspects of the experience. Plus ds2 has a linear map in the same way ds3 does where you go on a straight path depending on which bonfire you want to go kindle, or in ds3's case which lord of cinder you want to face. Of course, ds3 is more linear than 2 but they are not as different as you claim. Dark souls 2 isn't bad and Dark souls 3 isn't worse or better. They are just different ways to do souls, and more people prefer ds3's linear approach.
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I came here because i hought after killing the boreal dancer i was about to fight the final boss xD im happy to see i was wrong
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I really wish the optional areas in this game were longer. They’re way too short
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I see what you mean but considering limited resources it's more important to polish the main path, don't you think.
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I disagree, you see the game was clearly rushed and misjudged, you can see that from the uncut version and how superior it was
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I'm a relatively new player and I beat the game in a week
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No you didn’t. And if you did you have no life.
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A week really isn't some grand achievement... And to the clown saying "lul no life", you aren't a gamer. You are new-age wannabee from the mobile community whether you like it or not. I bet you get nice and butthurt every time you are defeated in a multiplayer title and just excuse your lack of skill by saying "well it doesn't count because you played more". Gtfo, go play Pokemon, it's more your speed.
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If you finished in a week, you would have missed a ton of content. I take so long on these games because i have to explore every area and find every item. You should try again, perhaps as completely different character.
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ive just got this game recently and i put 20 hours in so far and im not even close to finishing, i like exploring every crevice
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Nice. This game is pretty easy if you're good at it. All about timing your rolls. Good work bro.
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no one asked
By svndwxrm
It's not a race man, just take your time and enjoy, currently have 40 hours and am on pontiff right now, just exploring everything
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I beat the main game in 3 days, then went back and took a month thoroughly exploring the game and DLC content. Currently working on the Platinum trophy
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A week?? Pff, noobs
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70 - 80 h first time is fair
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A week? 168 hours, geesh!