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By Anonymous
Stumpy range and kinda slow casting time, but the ability to deal physical damage based on caster stats is pretty handy.
By Anonymous
This spell is amazing against Midir!
By Anonymous
I have a new respect for this spell. Carried me through the whole Demon Ruins & Demon King bossfight
By Anonymous
I wish Souls games had more Earth-centered magic. King's Field had an entire Earth-magic line of spells so I don't think it would be impossible.
By Anonymous
havel approves using this and iron flesh
By Anonymous
Does have approve of me not getting his ring to get this spell??
By Anonymous
Perfect for my santa cosplay, now I can give coal to the naughty children
By Anonymous
This or Emit Force?
By Anonymous
With this you can actually deal damage and have a more generous splash
By Anonymous
So, rosabeth's cough got this worse?
By Anonymous
So...... how's this a pyromancy?
By Anonymous
It's more of a geomancy, which is kinda cool in itself imo.
By Anonymous
Basically it’s lava balls that have turned to stone over decades of cooling. The stray demon was a fire demon.. who lost its flame.
By Anonymous
Ok I guess the second explanation makes sense
By Anonymous
I hope more physical pyromancies get added if another souls game comes out. Being a terramancer would be pretty damn cool.
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