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Take all the ******* from every other boss and put it into a single one. That's a great idea, Jim.
Fix the damn camera already!
Yes, I beat it, but I'm not happy about it. Stay at the head and dodge backwards.
1 the boss is a joke if your in front so don't know why its apparently *******

2 if the cameras bad just don't lock on genius
Just beat him, but pretty sure this is what an anxiety attack feels like. Good grief...
How to dodge the laser without even rolling: Take some distance, run to the left while he is charging it, and run torwards him at the moment he releases it. Be sure to have full stamina an stay under him until the attack ends, you will be safe here. It works for both versions of the laser.
He laughs hard at my pyromancer
Raport. Raport. Raport.... RAPORT.
just use the winged knight twinaxes and stay within the midrange. that way you wont get instantly destroyed by a combo, but can run back once hes finished with an attack and get some l1s in. beat him 3rd try on NG at sl80ish
dankeater murder
I ranged him from far to kill him, watched him fall but i got no souls or the boss soul
That is not the actual bossfight, it is hidden behind an illusory wall
Haha, you thought THAT was the boss fight? You FOOL hahah, AHAHAHAHAHHAHAH
For people having real frustration with this boss, just use the Mist. If you don't have 30 intel to use it, respec your character, use the tree branch staff for faster casting, stay close to him and just keep him in the mist and avoid his attacks. Then you can go and respec your build back to how it was. You can also use the infinite respec glitch if you only have one more time. So just stack fire defense (flame stone plate, red bug pellets), use a fast cast staff, use the black knight shield if you can, if not the dragon crest works as well if fully upgraded and this hard boss fight becomes much more manageable, especially if you have Shira with you to distract him while you are casting this mist. I'm playing NG+ 7 and it's not been a problem. Only issue is the lazer attack in stage 2, if you are not under him, in his ball sack, it's like 50/50 you will get one shot. Still a totally manageable fight and really the only use in the game for Pestilent Mist. This is also a very effective way to kill him on the bridge. Mist on, Mist off.
if you use mist i have two words for you
git gud.
NG+7 and resorts to cheese kinda sad
Can we all just agree that saying git gud is just annoying? “Oh you need to just git gud. Hah lol, newb, scrub, git gud.” God, this is why I hate the Dark Souls fanbase
This is easily the hardest boss in the series
Nah it is Lud and Zallen